March 17, 2015

Recent Koper Adventures

Lately, we've been teetering between the two extremes of days spent watching way too much Netflix and baking cookies and days spent on trails hiking and climbing and adventuring. I'll spare you the photos of us watching Netflix in our PJs and eating chocolate chip cookies. But I do want to share some pictures of some of our recent ventures out into the great natural areas and parks that many people seem to forget exist within a few miles of the Las Vegas strip.

Exhibit One:
Hiking in Red Rock Canyon to see the Calico Tank after a brief rainy season when the tank actually HAD WATER IN IT! This doesn't happen every day here in our dry climate. So, you know. EXCITING.



Exhibit Two:
Two weeks later, back out at Red Rock. Where there was SNOW. Yep. I know. For me, the most interesting part of snow in the desert was the lady in a formal white flowing dress and 5-inch heels stumbling through the snow and over the rocks to pose for some sort of photo shoot. Because VEGAS.

Exhibit Three:
Lone Mountain is a fun little hike we've done a few times. So when the weather is nice, we drive about twenty minutes over and hike up the side of it. The view of the city from the top is pretty awesome. But it's usually pretty crowded. Since it is kind of inside the city surrounded by the 215 and houses instead of mountain-friends. All by itself. Alone. Like a lonely mountain. In case the name was lost on you. You're welcome.


Exhibit Four:
There's this little canyon less than a mile from our house. I don't know if it has a name. I don't even know if google knows about it. From the top of the canyon walls, you can see our neighborhood. But when you climb down into it, it's the perfect place to shoot some soda cans and paper targets with BB guns and other small weapons.

Exhibit Five:
Just past the Hoover Dam, shortly after the Welcome to Arizona sign is another canyon that was worth the drive. A three-mile walk through the winding canyon leads to the banks of the beautiful Colorado River and just a little further up the side of another canyon wall are the Arizona Hot Springs. So, we just had to. We wore swimsuits and sweatshirts and hiked out, took a dip in the springs and then FREAKED OUT when we realized it was later than we thought and that it would be dark before we made it back out of the canyon. So, it was a fun trip until the, "Oh My Word, we're going to be those hikers on the news who had to have a helicopter come look for them!" But we made it out fine. We got to see the bats come out from under the overhanging rocks. So, that's always creepy. And I know our kids will have fond memories of the time their parents took them on a hike in a canyon in the middle of nowhere in the dark.




Exhibit Six:
After our last hike, we were so impressed with the beauty of the Colorado River that Steve and Jack decided they needed a little father-son camping trip and took the same hike back through that winding canyon to that same beautiful beach on the river bank and camped like men. Then, they walked back through the canyon in the early morning sunlight and saw nary a bat. Also, don't be alarmed by the pictures of Steve. It's Mustache March. He wears it well.




And now you're all caught up!