September 10, 2014

Our Ten Year Anniversary Trip

When Steve and I were on our honeymoon in August of 2004, we lounged in the surf of a beach in Mexico and promised each other that in ten years, we'd spend a week on a beautiful beach, again. Thankfully, we were blessed with the ability to keep that promise. Last month, we spent a week on the beach celebrating ten years of marriage.

I am so very thankful to my parents and their willingness to come stay at our home and care for our kids so that we could have this week away. Their support, love and encouragement has blessed us countless times over the last ten years, but especially this time.

We spent most mornings on the water enjoying the water sports that our resort provided. The resort photographer even got several pictures for us to enjoy.

We also took approximately 8,000 selfies.

The rest of our days consisted of a LOT of relaxing, lounging and soaking up the beautiful tropical sunshine.

For an entire week, every meal felt like a special date out.

We spent hours talking about the last ten years of our life together. We started with recalling our wedding day then every year that followed; remembering the highlights, the lowlights, the vacations, the deployments, the gift of each child, each home we've shared, laughing now at things we knew we'd laugh at one day, counting our blessings.


I am overwhelmed with joy and gratitude when I think that God has allowed me to spend the last ten years with a man who loves me more than I ever deserve to be loved, a man I respect and love more each year as he shows me over and over what a good, honest, hard-working, loving and faithful man is. Our first decade together has come and gone and I am so thankful that his hand held mine as we walked through it.

After our second honeymoon, we're ready for the next ten years of life together and all that God has for us in the decade to come.

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Nicole said...

Ok so.. Im like practically a year late here on this one. Time goes by so quickly because I remember talking with you about planning this trip and it seems like last week! I praise God that you guys got to go and enjoy such a wonderful week together. It looks like you had a great time in a beautiful place, and praise God for ten years of marriage and all the blessings that have come with it. And Leah, I really mean it when I say you just get more beautiful every year. God bless you guys on 10 more years. :)