October 21, 2013

September and October Update

At the end of September, my cousin Alicia came out from Washington DC to visit for a few days. As always, we enjoyed our time together talking, laughing and drinking a lot of coffee. The kids just love their “friend” Alicia. “She’s your cousin but she’s OUR friend.” I was informed of this before she got here. While she was here, we hung out at the park, spent a day at a downtown resort with my Aunt Sheila and her hubby Dave, took an accidental detour out of town when I missed my exit one night, hiked on Mount Charleston and inadvertently attended a lesbian wedding reception. You know, the usual.
Shortly after Alicia’s visit, Gabrielle turned six. I cannot believe my little girl is six years old! I bought her new shoes yesterday and she wears a size 3! That is only 4 sizes smaller than my own shoes. She is getting so big, so smart and is still just as beautiful as ever. I am so thankful for my six-year-old princess in my house of princes.
IMG_0474Decorated her own cupcakes
IMG_0477 Working her new cowboy boots from Grammy and Grampy
Steven has started his first season of baseball in the last few months. He is playing co-ed coach pitch. At his last game, he hit the first home-run of the team’s season. It was pretty exciting. His teammates absolutely lost their minds in excitement over his homerun. It was a pretty exciting day for our little shortstop. Here is the video. Two things: Turn the volume WAAAY down. I try not to scream when I'm recording but as he's rounding third, I can't help it. It's loud. Also, the pitch isn't thrown until the 30 second mark, so skip ahead. And the baby crying in the background is not Levi. I don't know why that matters.

IMG_0485[1] Early morning snuggles with my big boy
Levi is now the proud owner of two bottom teeth. We had a few fussy days, but we got through it just fine and he is now just as happy a baby as ever. He is starting to roll around quite a bit and I now know that if I lay him down in one spot, within a few minutes he’ll have rolled to another. He is five months old now, and sleeps 12-13 hours straight every night, takes about a 3-hour nap in the mornings and about a 1-hour nap most afternoons. He still nurses every 3 hours or so during the day and is not on any solid foods yet. Oh, and he has long, fluffy red hair that sticks straight up. It’s pretty awesome.
IMG_0550This boy rarely sleeps if he’s not in his crib, so when he sleeps in my arms, it’s kind of special!
Jack-Jack is the smallest 4-year-old I know. At our recent 4-child pediatric check up appointment, he ranked in the 13th percentile for both height and weight in comparison to other children his age. Gabby was in the 91st percentile for both, while Steven fell in the high 40th/low 50th making him pretty average sized. Levi was in the average range for his weight and in the 75th percentile for his length. Jack is just our little runt. Maybe it’s because all of his growing power goes straight to his hair.
IMG_0190IMG_0191IMG_0193IMG_0195IMG_0209IMG_0426 Here is Jack’s most recent hair-cut. Trying to get a picture of him making a normal face is pretty much impossible.
Steve and I are great. But we’re pretty boring since our birthdays aren’t fun and we’re not really growing. So, I’ll leave us out of this post.
And now, you’re all caught up!