September 18, 2013

The Kopers and The Kopers


When Steve and I got married, our families all came out to Texas for the week of our wedding. During that time, my sister Holly and Steve’s brother Stan met. A little over a year later, they got married. Fast forward another 8 years. There are now 6 kids between us and far too little time spent together. Thankfully the Other Kopers were able to come out to see us for 10 fun-filled days last month. And here's the proof:

IMG_0078Nolan and Jack are four months apart and four years old. They are best buds that were so excited to see each other. And even got along without too many disputes.


McKenna was a pretty big fan of her littlest cousin.

IMG_0088 McKenna and Levi hung out a lot.


The four big kids were inseparable.


Jack and Nolan had an intense super-hero battle on the kitchen stool one morning.


When Stan and Steve are together, they are 12-year-olds again. Remote control helicopters were purchased. They were flown, crashed and rigged to carry things. And don’t even get me started on the fart jokes and video games.



Holly and I got laughing one evening about the fact that when the guys are together they do the things they did as children – ride bikes, play with toys and video games… and when Holly and I are together, we do the things we did as children, also. Only now our dolls are real, our pots and pans are preparing actual food and the dishes are nowhere near as fun to wash.

IMG_0113IMG_0119IMG_0120IMG_0122 McKenna and Levi really did hang out a lot.


IMG_0331IMG_0332We ate at Serendipity’s one afternoon. I love Nolan in the background of this one. He was not impressed with the Frozen Hot Cocoa dessert.

IMG_0334Did I mention that McKenna and Levi hung out a lot?


Holly and Stan were here at just the right time to witness Las Vegas’ monsoon season with record flooding near our neighborhood (this street is still all torn up a month later and I have to go a little out of my way to get to the grocery store. It rained for about a week. Hopefully this street will be fixed before it rains again next year!)

IMG_0337 One of my favorite evenings was one we spent around the fire on the back patio. It was perfect.


We spent two beautiful (rain free!) days at Cancun Resort. The pool was beautiful and the jetted tub was pretty fun for these kids!

IMG_0147IMG_0150IMG_0151IMG_0156 Did I mention that these four were inseparable?

IMG_0160It should be noted that Levi slept in a drawer at the hotel.IMG_0165IMG_0170IMG_0171

IMG_0182 Levi loves his Aunt Holly.


We were sad to see The Kopers leave but it is nice to know that the countdown to Christmas is on and our tickets to Dallas have been booked. Can’t wait to spend another week with some of our very favorite people!

….and now you’re all caught up!

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Such great you all so much and can hardly wait for Christmas!! Hint!! if you want to give us a gift ....a 5x7 of everyone will do.Love Gram(Nana)

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