August 10, 2013

Hello, 30.

Today is the last day of my 20s. Tomorrow I will be 30 years old. That seems unreal to me. I remember when my dad turned 30. I remember what his cake looked like, I remember the friends that came over to the house to celebrate, I remember the cute matching black and white and yellow outfits that my sisters and I wore. It doesn’t seem like that long ago, and now here I am. I feel like I am suddenly my parents’ age. And it’s strange.

Turning 30 feels like a big deal. 30! I’ve even had a few deep thoughts and reflections about turning 30. Yep, deep thoughts going on here, people. Real deep. Like this one: When I started my 20s, I thought coffee was super gross and just for old people. Now a cup of coffee or hot tea (even more gross to my early 20s self) is the perfect start to my day. I remember trying a glass of red wine with my roommate Michelle in my early 20s. And gagging on the absolute disgustingness of it. It was so GROSS! “I mean, like, how can anyone, like, drink this stuff?” Now, a glass of red wine is a real treat, an indulgence that I really enjoy. I lived on Dr. Pepper in those days. Now, one Dr. Pepper is all I can handle. After that, I start to feel like my teeth are wearing sweaters and the sugar is just too much. So, as far as beverage choices go, I’ve really grown in my 20s. See? Deep stuff. In my early 20s, I ate what I wanted to eat. Chicken fingers and french fries? Sure. A second piece of cake? Why not? I went to the gym or worked out only as a social event. And I wore my size 4 jeans and bikini without a second thought. To say that has changed by my late 20s would be an understatement. My late-20s swimsuit could be cut up to make 14 of my early 20s swimsuits and I’m still not excited to wear it in front of actual people. My early 20s self owned and used on a daily basis the following: blow dryer, hair straightener, curling iron, eye liner, liquid foundation, lip gloss. I don’t even own half of those things anymore. And the ones I do have see the light of day once every few months. I spent the last day of my teens on a road trip with my two roomies, Michelle and Shaunna talking about boys, listening to Kenny Chesney and getting a tattoo. Today, on the last day of my 20s, I will spend the day at home with my husband and four kids talking about super heroes and princesses and getting some housework done. What a difference 10 years make!

I’ve seen this someecard quite a few times (can we just take a minute and thank the individuals that have provided us with someeards? Because I am pretty sure I’ve come close to peeing my pants over a someecard or two. Some of them are pure awesomeness) and every time I see it, I nod my head and marvel at the truth of it.


I’m telling you. It’s deep.

The last decade of my life has been my most significant. I can’t imagine that any decade after this one will be as vital in forming the life I have on this earth. I started dating and married my amazing husband and we had four beautiful children together all in my 20s. The rest of my life will be spent growing with the blessings that I was given in the last 10 years.

Goodbye, 20s!