June 18, 2013

First Smiles

Maybe it's because he slept a record SIX straight hours last night.

Maybe it's because he was snuggled in Daddy's arms with Mommy sitting close.

Maybe it's because all three of his siblings were gathered around talking to him.

Maybe it's because he knows that he is five whole weeks old, today.

Whatever the reason, Levi has decided that today is the day to start smiling at us.

June 16, 2013

All About Grampy

Today is father’s day and as we all know, the very best dads get promoted to Grampy. I love my dad and so do my kids. Here is what they think of their Grampy.

Scan0001  Scan0003 Scan0002

He might need me to translate some of Gabby’s spelling. But I hope he can see that they love their Grampy very much!

Happy Father's Day, Dad. We love you!

June 8, 2013

First Grade

On Wednesday, Steven had his last day of first grade. There will be many more last days of school ahead of us, and he will share most of them but Wednesday was just his – his special last day of school. He was very excited, and admittedly a little sad. He knows he will miss the games of basketball played before the first bell rang, the games of basketball played during recess and the games of tag and – you guessed it – basketball played after school.
First grade has been a success for my Steven, of course. He’s so stinking smart. He was reading on a fourth-grade level by the mid-point of the year. He got straight As on every report card. The only time he ever missed points on an assignment was for not thinking to turn the worksheet over and answer the questions on the back. That happened a few times, but not enough to really effect his grades. He aced every spelling test every Friday. He got over 4,000 coins on the Relfex math game. Whatever that means.
Every day, Steve or I, or both of us would ask, “How was school?” Every day he would answer, “Great!” with no more explanation than that. A few months into the year, Steve told him he was no longer just to answer that question with “great.” For the rest of the year, he answered the question with, “Amazing!” or “Awesome!” with no other explanation. If we wanted to know any details, we’d have to get pretty specific:
Did you have a substitute? That didn’t look like your teacher brining you out.
What did you play at recess? Oh, basketball – silly question.
Who did you play with?
Did anything funny happen?
What did you learn? Oh, you don’t remember – silly question.
Several times a week, right up to the last week of school Steven would get into the van in the morning without his backpack. He is a straight A student reading and mathing (he may not get his intelligence from me, because I just said Mathing) at an advanced level, but would leave without the one thing he’s required to bring with him EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. for nine straight months. That’s my boy.
Most mornings, I’d do the awesome mom-trick of licking my thumb and wiping the dried toothpaste off of his mouth as he was about to exit the van. One day he’ll learn to rinse his mouth after brushing to make this stop. I suggested it every morning as I wiped his mouth in the van, so he’s got to figure it out at some point, right?
During the first grade, Steven got settled in a new home. His 9th. On his first day of school, we hadn’t had our furniture delivered to the house yet, and by the end of the year we were completely settled and at home in this house. During first grade, Steven became a big brother for the third time. His youngest sibling was born just 3 weeks before the end of school. During first grade, Steven lost his two front baby teeth and grew in his new adult teeth. During first grade, Steven grew his hair out longer than it has ever been, and then got it cut short again. During first grade, Steven turned seven. During first grade, Steven’s feet grew to a size 2 shoe. During first grade Steven grew even more into the smart, funny, kind and wonderful boy that we know will be an amazing man one day. We are so proud of him and are so enjoying watching him grow.
Steven on the morning of his first day of first grade. He was in line with his class and I stood with him until he walked into the building. He was so nervous. I cried. That afternoon he told me it had been the best day of his life.
Steven on his last day of First Grade. Notice that I didn’t even get out of the van anymore. I’d gotten lazy AND he didn’t really like me to walk him down to the playground anymore. Maybe it was the thumb-licking and face-rubbing. But he did wave back at the kids and me the whole way to the playground. I guess that’s something.