April 17, 2013

Koper Kidisms

Here are a few things that my kids have said recently that seemed worth documenting. I’m so glad to have them to hang out with every day. They make me laugh on a regular basis.

I recently went to get a pedicure while out running errands with all three kids. It has been YEARS since I’ve gotten a pedicure and this was the kids’ first time to join me. I had bought them each an ice cream to keep them content. The sweet man who checked me in sat each kid in their own pedicure seat, turned on the back massage and left them to enjoy their ice cream. When we left, Steven let me know that we should do that more often because it was awesome.

For the rest of the day – at least 20 times – I was complimented by the kids on my toes. “I like your toenails, Mommy.” “Your toenails look pretty, Mommy.” All. Day. Long. So I wouldn’t forget.

As I was sitting at the dining room table one morning enjoying my coffee and some quiet time, Jack came down the stairs, hugged me around my belly and said, “Push Levi out now, Mommy.”

On Saturday, I had several big cleaning tasks I wanted to complete (I guess I was nesting!). I told each of the kids to pick a place in the house to spend a few hours of quiet time. Steven took his toys and books to the back patio and sat playing on the patio couch very nicely. Jack took his toys and books to the living room couch and persistently asked me questions and seemed to not understand the purpose of quiet time. Gabby happily and contentedly closed herself in the small closet under the stairs and did not emerge until I called her out.

All three kids were playing together over the weekend. Out of NOWHERE, Steven stops mid-play and asks with all the excitement in the world, “Oh Mom!!! Can I do some research on jaguars?!?!?”  Um, no. Be a normal 7-year-old and play instead of spending your weekend “doing research.”

Jack has recently developed a new technique to try to escape discipline. As soon as I begin scolding him, I am quickly interrupted with “I love you, Mommy.” and a hug. It does not work. Well, sometimes it does. Because it is really cute. Little stinker.

Jack was in the shower the other night and I was helping him wash himself. Upon entering the warm water he exclaimed, “This is how hot the sun is!” And while rinsing his face he said, “What a great day to spray some water on my eyes!”

We have been enjoying dinner on the back patio most nights in the last few weeks, loving the spring weather. Jack is the S.L.O.W.E.S.T. eater ever. One night he was left alone on the patio to finish while everyone else came inside to clean up. Jack has a fear of being left alone lately and I was surprised that he seemed to be content eating alone outside for a few minutes. Then he came running inside and told me, “Mommy, do you know why I’m not scared by myself? Because God is in my heart.”

While driving yesterday, I pointed out a cute white dog in the back of a truck to Jack. He let me know that it looked “like a dot-a-mation but with no dots.”

Steve is currently (as I type, even) working on building a wall in our loft to close in a family room. Jack happened upon the staple gun lying out and asked Gabby what is was. She told him it was Daddy’s staple gun. He wanted to know how you kill bad guys with it.

I guess the cute quotes are a little Jack-heavy but that’s because he’s 3 and 3-year-olds just say funnier things than smart-alecky 7-year-olds and obnoxious 5-year-olds. But the smart-alec and obnoxious one are still pretty cute…sometimes.

And now you’re all caught up!


Margie said...

Leah this was cute. they will love reading this when they get older, especially Gabby, so make sure she has plenty to read about her too. Your Mom & Dad must be very proud of you.
Enjoy every moment with your children, they grow up way to fast.

Cara Joy said...

Ah, I missed these posts.

sue Marsh said...

I second Boo's comment. What an absolute joy to read your blog again. Your kids sure are adorable Lee.