April 1, 2013


Last month we took a family vacation to Disneyland. It was kind of a “babymoon.” One last hoorah before Levi gets here and makes life just a little more complicated for a while, one last trip without strollers or diapers or stopping to nurse. One last trip that we filled with some of the best memories we’ve made in a long time. And here, due to popular demand (Mom and Holly, you are welcome) are the pictures of our trip. If you do not share DNA with my children, you may find this boring. Even if you do, your entertainment value is not guaranteed. And yes, the kids wore the same sweatshirts over their clothes each day, so it looks like one super-long day. It was not. It was three super-long days. Of fun.P2110125 At the elevator in our hotel, heading out for our first day of park-fun! We were so excited!

P2110137Entering the Magic Kingdom

IMG_1003On Nemo’s Submarine Ride

IMG_1004Steven was not a fan of Space Mountain, but he was a brave boy!

IMG_1007Helping Buzz Lightyear shoot Zurge!IMG_1008



Hanging out on Mickey’s Couch

IMG_1034When grown-adult people wear Mickey Mouse ears and T-shirts, it makes my husband stop what he is doing and stare in disbelief and then take pictures. He did this a lot. He is just too manly to understand how a grown person can do such a thing.




Eating lunch at Flo’s V8 Café









Captain Jack-Jack Sparrow




IMG_1069Gotta love Jack’s face in this one.


IMG_1088Steven makes friends everywhere. Just sword-fighting with a fellow Disneyer.


Possibly my favorite video of Gabrielle. Ever. The happiness on her face is priceless!



IMG_0644IMG_0645IMG_0646IMG_0648IMG_0650IMG_0652Nothing beats a Disney turkey-leg

IMG_0655IMG_0653IMG_0660IMG_0663IMG_0666IMG_0668IMG_0672P2110140IMG_0673 No trip outside of Nevada would be complete without dinner at Chick-Fil-A. Twice.


So, there it is. Our trip to Disneyland. And my attempt to dive back into the blogging world…And now you’re all caught up!


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