July 6, 2012

4th of July Fun

 Here is how we spent Independence Day, 2012.

First thing in the morning we went out to White Sands, our thought was that it would be cooler in the morning and we'd be able to spend some more time sledding before getting too hot and miserable. We lasted less than an hour before the relentless desert sun killed all forms of fun with its rays of hot torture. But we did have some fun before the heat got to us.

We went straight to the base pool to both cool off and ditch all the sand in our clothes in a place where we wouldn't have to clean it up.
Somehow, Steven decided he was ready to jump off the high diving board. I was surprised, as he is never the child we describe as "fearless" or "brave" or "willing to try anything." Steven is our cautious, careful child who gets upset when Steve drives "too fast" (we were going the speed limit - 70 - recently and Steven was not very pleased with this dangerous and reckless abandonment of caution) but somehow, he decided that he was ready to plummet from a wobbly board sticking out over a 13-foot deep pool because that, apparently, is fun.

This is the same kid who single-handidly stopped tens of children from having fun on a Sea World ride last summer because while on the mini-kiddie ferris wheel with his little sister, he FREAKED OUT in terror at the height of 10 feet above the ground and the ride had to be stopped to let the CRAZY CHILD exit. Yeah, same kid. I don't get it. But I was SUPER proud of his bravery. He is very proud of himself, also.

After the pool, the kids did a little bowling, we then we called it a day. I mean, sledding, swimming and bowling in the same day? That's just crazy.

And now, you're all caught up!

July 1, 2012


Jack and Daddy, three years ago, today. Jack and Daddy, today.

Steven, Gabby and Jack, three years ago, today.

Steven, Gabby and Jack, today.

Three years old and so much fun.
Happy 3rd birthday to my little ball of energy, my wild man, my strong-willed monster, my little blonde cutie, my sweet gift of joy. I love you so much, my little Jack-Jack.
Love, Mommy