February 29, 2012

Oh, Pinterest.

A few months ago, I started using a website called Pinterest. Actually, I didn't start using it. I got sucked into it and I see no end it sight. It is addictive and I've become slightly obsessed. It's quite unsettling. But without Pinterest, I never would have done any of the stuff I'm about to share with you. I want to prove that the hours and hours and HOURS I've spend on that silly site have not all been in vain (but probably most of the have). So here, my friends, are the things from Pinterest that I've actually done.

I've done this. Many times. It's great for hiding random things and I've actually been doing this since way before I found the pin on pinterest. But I still pinned it. Because then, you know - I can look at it once in a while and be satisfied with the fact that I've actually done it.

I made these for our camping trip to Caprock Canyon State park. They were pretty yummy and super easy.

I tried this recipe for super great bubbles. Way better than the dollar store ones I usually get. A plastic bowl sits on my kitchen windowsill full of them right now.

This totally works. You buy your green onions, you put them in a cup of water on a sunny windowsill and they keep growing and growing and growing. You snip off what you want to use and they pretty much keep going for ever. Unless you forget to change the water for a few days and then get sick and stop cooking for a while and don't trim them, then they all die. Just a heads-up.

We made these for our Disposable Christmas Tree before we left Abilene. Remember? They weren't quite this pretty because I was on a pretty tight Disposable Christmas Tree Budget and buttons were not in it - but they were super cute, none the less!

Steve is a big lemon  fan. I made these but I only made the lemon cake, which the recipe layers with chocolate cake. I made the lemon-chocolate icing and they were very much enjoyed by Steve and the kids for his birthday. I'm not much of a lemon person, so I did not partake, but they looked yummy.

I made this roast for dinner a few weeks ago and it was G-O-O-D!!!!

Steven made these for his class earlier this month. They turned out super cute!

This is really yummy. People freak out a little when I show up to a potluck with this beautiful looking dish. It is so good.

This is how I connected all of these:

And this is what I have planned

for this:

I also made an infinity scarf from one of Steve's old T-shirts which was an idea I saw on Pinterest but didn't pin and now can't find. But whatever. Just know that it is cute.

I also learned on Pinterest that putting a wooden spoon in the pot while boiling pasta or potatoes or whatever, keeps the water from boiling over. I did not pin this one, but I sure learned it and wish that I had known this 10 years ago when I started cooking! I could have saved myself many messes.

Also, while I plan to do all the things I pin, or at least dream of doing all of the things I pin, there are a few that I really am going to do very soon. Like this one:

I bought the fabric for these a few days ago. I used it to make Gabby a skirt and I plan to make the boys matching ties and the three will wear their homemade duds for Easter Sunday.

Hopefully, I will be able to post many more Pinterest accomplishments in the future. I have a lot of home decor pins that I can't wait to try when we live in a home of our own, again. But until then, I feel that I've somewhat validated the hours I spend on the site and will continue to waste my evenings away after the kids are in bed and Steve is studying the night away. It's how I roll. Or scroll.


Anonymous said...

I am Sheila Marsh and I am a Pinterest addict. My problem is I only pin or repin...some day though life will slow down, I won't have to work and I can do and try all the things I have ever wanted to do from Pinterest...Yes, someday...I will be crafty, a cook, a designer, a great gift giver, build my own house, gain some style, take amazing pictures..well you get the idea :-) I love that you have done so many things..you INSPIRE me!
Love you Leah!
Aunt Sheila

Anonymous said...

dang..I should have said PINSPIRE me :-)

Taylor Family Tales! said...

Does the wooden spoon over the pot work? I tried it the other day (so proud I was putting my pinterest obsession to good use)...and lo and behold...spillage all over my stove! Did I do it wrong (but really...how do you place a wooden spoon incorrectly over a pot)?