February 29, 2012

Oh, Pinterest.

A few months ago, I started using a website called Pinterest. Actually, I didn't start using it. I got sucked into it and I see no end it sight. It is addictive and I've become slightly obsessed. It's quite unsettling. But without Pinterest, I never would have done any of the stuff I'm about to share with you. I want to prove that the hours and hours and HOURS I've spend on that silly site have not all been in vain (but probably most of the have). So here, my friends, are the things from Pinterest that I've actually done.

I've done this. Many times. It's great for hiding random things and I've actually been doing this since way before I found the pin on pinterest. But I still pinned it. Because then, you know - I can look at it once in a while and be satisfied with the fact that I've actually done it.

I made these for our camping trip to Caprock Canyon State park. They were pretty yummy and super easy.

I tried this recipe for super great bubbles. Way better than the dollar store ones I usually get. A plastic bowl sits on my kitchen windowsill full of them right now.

This totally works. You buy your green onions, you put them in a cup of water on a sunny windowsill and they keep growing and growing and growing. You snip off what you want to use and they pretty much keep going for ever. Unless you forget to change the water for a few days and then get sick and stop cooking for a while and don't trim them, then they all die. Just a heads-up.

We made these for our Disposable Christmas Tree before we left Abilene. Remember? They weren't quite this pretty because I was on a pretty tight Disposable Christmas Tree Budget and buttons were not in it - but they were super cute, none the less!

Steve is a big lemon  fan. I made these but I only made the lemon cake, which the recipe layers with chocolate cake. I made the lemon-chocolate icing and they were very much enjoyed by Steve and the kids for his birthday. I'm not much of a lemon person, so I did not partake, but they looked yummy.

I made this roast for dinner a few weeks ago and it was G-O-O-D!!!!

Steven made these for his class earlier this month. They turned out super cute!

This is really yummy. People freak out a little when I show up to a potluck with this beautiful looking dish. It is so good.

This is how I connected all of these:

And this is what I have planned

for this:

I also made an infinity scarf from one of Steve's old T-shirts which was an idea I saw on Pinterest but didn't pin and now can't find. But whatever. Just know that it is cute.

I also learned on Pinterest that putting a wooden spoon in the pot while boiling pasta or potatoes or whatever, keeps the water from boiling over. I did not pin this one, but I sure learned it and wish that I had known this 10 years ago when I started cooking! I could have saved myself many messes.

Also, while I plan to do all the things I pin, or at least dream of doing all of the things I pin, there are a few that I really am going to do very soon. Like this one:

I bought the fabric for these a few days ago. I used it to make Gabby a skirt and I plan to make the boys matching ties and the three will wear their homemade duds for Easter Sunday.

Hopefully, I will be able to post many more Pinterest accomplishments in the future. I have a lot of home decor pins that I can't wait to try when we live in a home of our own, again. But until then, I feel that I've somewhat validated the hours I spend on the site and will continue to waste my evenings away after the kids are in bed and Steve is studying the night away. It's how I roll. Or scroll.

February 27, 2012

My Husband's Videos

Here are two videos that have gotten more than one play at our house lately. The first is one that speaks for itself. It's a little long and it is quite a few years old so some of the information is a little outdated. But it is super interesting. Especially for our family right now :)

The second is my husbands favorite funny video right now. My kids actually quote it, they've heard it so many times. It's pretty funny.

The end.

Sorry for the complete and utter randomness.

February 13, 2012

Koper Kidisms

I've been keeping track of some of the funny things the kids have said in the last few weeks. And I'd like to share them with you, now. Man, I love my kids. They crack me up on a daily basis.

As I was tucking Steven into bed the night before his first day at his new school, I let him know that it was okay to feel nervous. I said, "You know, Daddy has his first day at his new work tomorrow, too. He's a little nervous just like you. Everyone gets a little nervous when they are doing something new, so it's okay."
After a moment of thought he asked, "Like you were nervous the first time you went to Target?"
Because kids go to school, Dads go to work and Moms go to Target : Life according to Steven.

Gabby, poking at a blemish on my face. "Oh, Mommy. Does this hurt?" So thankful for her concern.

Steven, praying, "Thank you for this beautiful land of land."

Jack, praying, "Thank you, God for Mommy, and You (looking at Steve) and Daddy, and Steven and Gabby and God."

One of our first nights here was very windy and this creeky old house made a lot of noise. Steve got scared of all the noises and told me in the morning, "It was really creepy and nightime is the best time to be creepy because all the nocturnals are coming out."

One day, Gabby and Jack and I were out while Steven was at school. Gabby saw a man smoking and asked about it. I told her about how if you smoke, you can get very sick in your body and you could die from it. When we picked Steven up from school that day, this was the first conversation the kids had:
Gabby: "Steven, today we saw a man and he was SMOKING!!!"
Jack: "And he almost DIED!!!"

As I read a book one afternoon, Jack looked at it and asked, "What kind of Bible is that?"

There is a T-41 on display near our home. We pass it often and one of the first times we passed it, Steve told the kids that they have been on that plane, back when he was training to be a navigator. We told them that it was just Gabby and Steven that have been on it, that Jack was still in Mommy's tummy so he didn't experience the plane. The next time we passed the plane, Jack started this conversation:
Jack: "You guys been in that plane! But I went in Mommy's tummy."
Me: "What were you doing in my tummy?"
Jack; "Playing with my blocks"
Me: "How did you get your blocks in there?"
Jack: "I bringed them."
Me: "How did YOU get in my tummy?"
Jack: "Through my nose."

Today as we drove around running a few errands, I started a game of 20 questions. I told the kids that I was thinking of something and they could take turns asking yes/no questions to find out what it was. This proved more entertaining for me than for them. It went something like this:
Steven: Does it have wings?
Me: No
Gabby: Does it have horns?
Me: No
Jack: What?
Steven: Does it live in a tree?
Me: No
Gabby: Does it live.....
Me: Why doen't you ask me if it is alive at all before you ask about all the places it could live.
Steven: Is it alive?
Me: No
Gabby: (excited, like she's got it now!) IS IT A DEAD BUG?!!?
Me: No
Jack: What?
Steven: Is it a dinasaur?
Me: It's not alive and it never was.
After a few more question going nowhere, I encouraged them to ask questions about the size of the thing.
Steven: Is it bigger than a person?
Me: No
Gabby: Is it smaller than a person?
Me: Yes!!!!
Steven: Is it a tiny person?
At this point I was laughing too hard to go on. I let them know I was thinking of a cookie and that they are terrible at this game.

This morning, Jack put on my boots. He insisted that I call him "Baby Cowboy" for a few hours. I told him to say "Cheese" for the picture. He started to say "Cheese" but then thought better of it and asked, "Do cowboys say Cheese?" So this is a picture of him saying, "Yee-Haw!"

Those are the Kidisms that I either wrote down or are fresh in my mind - there are so many other adorable things they do but I couldn't possibly keep track of them all, which is kind of sad. But at least for now,
You're All Caught Up!

February 3, 2012

The First Koper Move of 2012

Steve and I have been married for about 7 1/2 years. We are currently living in our 8th home. Yes, we are that awesome.

We moved here on January 2nd. It was a long day. We left Abilene in the late morning. The drive down isn’t that far so we were in no rush. We had a 4x8 foot U-Haul trailer on the back of the Expedition carrying all of our clothes, toys, kitchen stuff and a host of ridiculous junk that we felt the need to bring. Thankfully, at the very last minute, we decided that we only needed one vehicle for our few months down here and left Steve’s car with his Dad, in Abilene. So, I did not have to drive as we had previously decided. A few hours into our trip, we were cruising down the highway at about 70 miles an hour when Steve felt a tug on the truck and looked in the rearview mirror in time to see our trailer airborne. He yelled, “THE TRAILER!!!” and I looked in my side-mirror in time to see the broad side of the side-to-side lashing trailer. I looked up and saw a blue pickup coming at us in the on-coming lane and was so afraid that our trailer, lashing out of control into oncoming traffic, then onto the shoulder, then back to oncoming traffic was going to wipe this truck off the road and cause a horrible accident. Thankfully, Steve slowed the truck down quickly and got us into the grass. This all took place in probably 5 seconds but it felt like forever. We got out to examine the problem. Apparently the nut and bolt that hold the ball onto the hitch of our truck had come loose, and the ball had ceased to be connected to our truck. This meant that in those few seconds, the very long arm of the trailer had hit the highway, throwing the trailer in the air and then we had been pulling it only by the safety chains. We were so thankful for God’s provision in keeping us safe in what could have been a very bad accident. Steve rigged the trailer back onto the truck with a few of the random tools he had on hand, and we drove very slowly, stopping often to check the connection into the next town and to a hardware store to get the right parts. Then we stopped for a L-O-N-G lunch so Steve and I could calm our racing hearts and minds. We were pretty shaken up. Eventually, we did make it to our new home, in one peace and with our kids never knowing anything went wrong at all. Apparently, they can get so lost in a Disney movie that they don’t notice when their parents are freaking out.

1 2 Before we left, and at the hardware store.

We’ve been here for about a month, now and it has been a crazy one. We came down here for Steve to train for a new job with the Air Force. His training is IN.SAINE. He studies for 2 or 3 hours before work most mornings, goes to work a 8-10 hour day, then comes home studies another 3 to 5 hours at night. Thankfully, his squadron (work place) is just a 6 minute walk out our back door. We are so blessed to be able to stay on the base. However, we haven’t lived on base in a few years, so there were some things to get used to. Revelry (listen to it HERE if you’ve never heard it in all it’s trumpeting glory) woke me up at 6:30 every morning for the first week we were here. It was only 15 minutes before my alarm went off, but it was 15 minutes I wanted to be sleeping! Thankfully, I’m used to it now and sleep through it. The National Anthem plays every day at 5:30pm, and the kids have learned very quickly to stand still, hand over heart and pay respect in the middle of outdoor playtime when this happens. Then at 10pm each night Taps lulls us all to sleep. The speakers sound like they are 10 feet from our windows. I’m not sure where they are, but they are close. The middle of one of the flightlines (runway) is less than 1/2 mile from our house, within our line of sight from the front door. T-38s, thankfully are not as loud as many other aircraft, but they’re not quiet either. They take off all day long, and we have learned to hold conversations until they are gone so that we don’t have to yell. Another thing about living on this particular base, is that there doesn’t seem to be any zoning. In a town or city, there is someone who says, “Here is where the houses will go. And there is where the businesses will go.” Not so much on a very old base like this. To the left of our house is a parking lot to a large AF building of some sort. Behind our house is a Library, to the right of our house is the Youth Center where children go for after-school care. I’m not complaining, I actually LOVE living next to the Library – it’s just kind of odd. I’m just glad we’re not in the house I saw the other day that’s front door opens 10 feet from the door of the Bowling Center.

The house we are staying in is a Temporary Living Facility (TLF), which means it is fully furnished much like a hotel and intended for people just passing through. We have housekeepers that come each day to restock our paper products, leave us 45 towels on each towel rack and lots of little shampoos and soaps. But it’s a 3-bedroom, 2 1/2-bathroom house with as much rooms as we could ever need. We are very thankful for the space, especially the big outdoor space we have for the kids. It’s not fenced but it is big and green and they love it.

DSC_0917 DSC_0928 Our kitchen and front “yard.”

We brought quite a few toys for the kids, but not everything. And since they can’t go outside without one of us, they have to be creative sometimes in finding things to do inside when Mom and Dad are busy. One afternoon, I did some grocery shopping and the kids had more fun with the paper bags than with anything else. It was pretty cute.

DSC_0914 DSC_0935 I wish you could hear the sound effects. They were awesome.

Steven started at a new school when we moved here. After one month in his new class, he was awarded The Thunderbird Award yesterday. The award is given to students who show excellence in the three R’s: Respectful, Responsible and Ready to Learn. One student from each class is given the award for every 6-week term and it is presented in front of the whole school at a morning assembly. We are so proud of our Steven Ray! He is such a smart and well behaved boy!

DSC_0945 Our Steven and his awesome teacher, Mrs. Hodges.

1200+ words later, and you’re all caught up!