December 9, 2011

Koper Boy Kidisms

Dad (to Steven watching a cartoon): “What is this?”

Steven: “Adventure time.”

Dad: “When have you seen this before?”

Steven: “September 12th, I think.”


Steven: “Dad, are the Cooper Cougars NFL or College?”

Dad: “Neither, Buddy. They are High School.”

Steven: “Whoa…..”


Steven: “When Addicus (his best school friend) wears his sweatshirt hood, he looks like Dark Gator from Star Wars.”

Steven: “Those Beaver-Ages look funny”

Dad: “That says ‘Beverages,’ Buddy.


Me: “Gabby and Jack, did you know that Nolan is coming to our house tonight?!” (waiting for cheering and jumping and yelling)

Gabby: “Are you kidding?”

Jack: “Are you playing around?”


Jack:” Buuuuuuuuuuuuuurp…..Ew. I farted.”


Steven (about the girls at school that call him Steven-Justin-Bieber): “I don’t even know who Justin Beaver is.”


Dad: “What is a nativity?”

Jack: “Jesus’ Bull-fight (Jack for birthday)”

December 8, 2011

Remember Thanksgiving?

So, Thanksgiving was a few weeks ago. It seemed like no one noticed because everyone in America thinks that Mid-November is actually Christmas time. But it’s not. It’s fall. And it’s Thanksgiving. And it’s awesome. Here’s how we spent ours: taking tons of pictures of the kids together (mine and my sister’s) since it will be one of our last visits together for a while.

DSC_0060DSC_0083DSC_0112DSC_0130DSC_0133DSC_0162Oh, and playing Wii, too.DSC_0166DSC_0233

Last weekend, we put up our tree. Since we will be skipping town very soon after Christmas, and quite possibly leaving our home before the day gets here, we opted to put up a mostly disposable tree so we won’t need to pack anything away when it’s over. We bought a real tree for the first time in years, and the kids and I made all of our ornaments. We strung popcorn and gumdrops, we made ornaments out of paint sample cards from Home Depot and spray painted pine cones from the park.



Other than our hokey, hill-billy tree, our mattresses and our couches, our house is just about empty. We have moved most of our stuff into a storage unit. It’s kind of depressing. But I am excited to get this show on the road and start our little adventure as a family! Until then, we’ll be here in our almost empty home smelling our Christmas tree and looking at the dirty half-melted snow in the backyard.

And now you’re all caught up!