October 28, 2011

I broke a nail while typing this post

I haven’t been blogging much lately because I don’t feel like I have anything interesting to tell the world. But one day, years from now, I will look back on October of 2011 and think, “What on earth were we doing?” So, for my future self, here’s what life has been like lately:

- Steven has become very interested in baseball this season. He went to 2 Texas Rangers games with Steve, Uncle Joe and Grandpa this year. Then the Rangers made it to the World Series. Tonight is Game 7 and Steven has made it through 7 innings of the Rangers stinking it up and hasn’t lost interest, yet. It’s pretty impressive how his attention span has grown. I’ve totally lost interest.

- Gabby and I went for a walk around the neighborhood tonight. One of her favorite activities is walking with me and “our babies.” She pushes her stroller with her Build-a-Bear Doggie in it, while I push Jack in my stroller. For the entire length of our walk, she tells me about her baby and her little pretend family. Tonight, she was pushing her 2-year-old daughter, Angela who loves Monster’s Inc and pizza. She has another baby in her belly, her older son, Steven is 15 and plays basketball for the UT Longhorns and scores 100 points because he’s really good. Her husband, Steve works at a place where he makes soup for a living and they have a kitty. I pretty much love listening to her little make believe life.

- Jack has recently started speaking in full sentences. Yesterday, he was coloring with a friend and I noticed marker on his face and asked him if he colored on his skin (which he knows is naughty). He said, “No, that boy colored on my forehead.” I was pretty impressed with the complete 8-word sentence. Understanding all of his words is sometimes challenging but very entertaining.

- Earlier this month, I spent a week in McKinney for the first week of my new niece, McKenna’s life. It was such a great week spent holding sweet McKenna, playing with Nolan and spending time with both of my wonderful sisters. It was the first time I was away from the kids for that long. Steve was a wonderful stay-at-home-dad for the week. And the welcome I received on coming home made me feel pretty appreciated and loved – it was great.

- Our house has been on the market for 6 days. We’ve had 2 showings so far – both the same person. I just really hope we will get some more traffic through here soon. We want to sell before it’s time to head out in January.

- Having a house that needs to always be show-ready during the day in case of that last minute call from a realtor wanting to show it is exhausting.

- Steve woke up yesterday with water on the knee. It was random and we don’t know what caused it, but I find it intriguing. His knee cap seems to just be floating around in this giant pool of fluid in his leg. I looked videos up on YouTube of people having the fluid drained. It was disgusting…and awesome. I hope that if he has to have it drained I get to watch.

Okay, future me, I think I covered us all….and now you’re all caught up!


Cara Joy said...

laughing out loud at gabby! I love jack jack's sentence, and I think you are disgusting for wanting to watch steve's knew fluid drain. bleckk

Mom said...

I missed you and your always entertaining blog. Thanks for coming back. I am intrigued with Gabby's husband who makes soup for a living! Equally interesting is Steven's ability to watch and withstand the tragic downhill slide of the Texas Rangers (who we were rooting for). As for your Jack-Jack he is growing up (sniff-sniff) I love you Lee.