September 23, 2011

Two Random Videos

Two random videos of my two favorite boys:

Jack fell asleep at lunch today. It was too cute not to record.

Steven had a blast at our little trip to The Great Wolf Lodge this past weekend. Here's the proof.

The End.

September 6, 2011

Wrapping up the Summer!

To bring to a close the busiest summer on Koper Family record, I will share a few a boat-load of pictures that were were all taken within the last few weeks.

Aaaaand, here we go:

This boy is now potty trained! Yay!


Steve bought a new (to him) car. He fondly refers to it as his “cute, fun and adorable” car. It may not be manly or tough or rugged, but it is pretty amazing on our gas budget!


Little known fact: Flight suits make GREAT baby slings.


Chuck E Cheese has found a very important place in our lives:


Steve and I went on a “Couple’s Retreat” sponsored by his work. We spent 3 days and two nights doing this,


a little of this,


a little of this,


and a lot of this


We also did this:

(Warning to any Real Golfers that may Keep up with the Kopers – this video may be painful to watch.)

When we got home, this guy started Kindergarten. Can’t believe he’s so big!


We found out that we will soon be saying so long to The Mighty Herk.


Steven had a very fun birthday celebration, including a cake made by his Dad!


Birthday morning started out at The Home Depot Kids Workshop with my little family of carpenters.


We went from Home Depot to go get ice cream for lunch. On the way, Jack put his shades on himself. He is super cool.


After ice cream for lunch, we hit up the zoo. Steven is six now, so it’s about time he starts chipping in and pulling these other kids around for us.


A ride on the zoo train made our hour in the heat worth it.


We spent the evening playing at Mr Gatti’s.

There were bumper cars,


Air hockey,







and a roller coaster simulator that was apparently just as impressive from the side as from the seat!


Then there were the presents. Oh, the presents!





Even Grammy and Grampy were able to watch the festivities!DSC_0320


Next came the awesome soccer cake decorated by Dad!


After cake and ice cream, we went out to try out the new soccer goal. Somehow soccer quickly turned into hool-a-hooping…


Which quickly turned into hool-a-hoop wrestling between Steven and his friend.


Pretty sure Steve was more excited than Steven to start in on those new Legos!



Thankfully our super fun birthday celebration was followed by a few days of bearable weather! More than bearable, actual pleasant, beautiful, refreshingly cool, wonderful weather! We did everything we could to soak it up!

Hiking Abilene State Park


Steven and the bigger kids even camped in the yard to take advantage of the cool night.



We also went on our first family bike ride in a LONG time. It has been too hot to get out on the road since May. The little kids and I went for another one this morning and it will remain a regular thing as long as the weather stays cool!


And that concludes our summer wrap-up!

Now you’re all caught up!

September 3, 2011


My Steven Ray is six years old today. Do you know what freaks me out the most about that? It’s that I REMEMBER life at six. Which means that he is making memories right now that he will have as an adult. That freaks me out.


As far as six-year-olds go, Steven is a pretty awesome one. He’s an excellent reader, can do simple math, loves to be read to (we are currently reading The Mouse and the Motorcycle by Beverley Cleary), he enjoys watching just about any televised sport with his dad, he plays soccer with great joy, he thinks racecars and sports cars are awesome, monster trucks are pretty cool, too. Steven thinks girls are pretty but thankfully still prefers to just hang out with the guys. Sadly, he is outgrowing his interest in pretend-play with Gabby. He is a morning person. He wakes up WAY. TOO. HAPPY. for the rest of us at 6:15am. He has a never-ending source of energy and the smelliest feet on the planet. He likes to wear his Texas Rangers Baseball cap and his favorite t-shirts feature skateboarding graphics. And sometimes he says things that crack me right up.


Me: What do you want for your birthday?

Him: One of those screens like at Chuck E Cheese where you race.

Me: You want an arcade game?

Him: Yep.

Of course he does, why didn’t I think of that?


Steve: Do you know any of the States in America?

Him: Yes, Texas.

Steve: Good, what are some other ones?

Him: Afghanistan?


What it is like to turn 6 in the words of Steven:

“It makes me feel bigger and it helps me make me think that I can run faster than a 5-year-old. It makes me think that I’m like a grown up.”

Happy Birthday to my first born son. There are few things in life that bring Dad and I as much joy as watching you grow into a big boy who loves the Lord, loves his family and loves life. We love you so much, Buddy!