July 28, 2011

Mama Tried

Hi. Remember me? I used to blog here. I used to write things and post pictures and enjoy it. But now? Well, not so much. I blame in on a few things. First of all, my husband was away for 8 months over the span of only 11 months. He has been home for almost 2 months (in which he did leave for one week) now, but I still feel like he’s this awesome visitor in my house and when he’s home, I want to just spend time with him, and not with my computer. This limits me to day-time blogging when he’s at work. He does spend a lot of time at work, though. What, with getting ready to deploy again. For the third time in a row. But I’m not going to start on that. Because that would be neither productive nor pretty. So, that leaves me lots of daytime hours with which to sit down at my computer in peace and quiet and blog my little heart away. Except. It’s summer, so Steven is not in school. I think our little West Texas town is on its 1000th day of temperatures over 100 – mostly close to 105 and is way too hot to be outside most of the day. This leaves me with a two-year-old, a three-year-old and a five-year-old inside 1500 square feet trying to share toys and not jump on the couch. Which leaves me with 8 hours of my day spent saying “Why aren’t you sharing?” and “You need to stop jumping on the couch.” But right now 2/3 kids are sleeping and the other is watching PBS so I have a few minutes. A few blissful minutes, smelling Baked Oatmeal in the oven, sipping my green tea and honey, and blogging .

I have a few Koper Kidisms to share. I went to a retreat for my MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) group a few weeks ago, where we planned out our next year of ministry. When I came home, Steve had taken a few notes. Apparently while making the kids dinner (and by making dinner I mean microwaving hot dogs and not even bothering with the tater tots I left out for them), the kids said some things he needed to write down.

Steven – Real kids don’t like mustard.

(Steven does like mustard, which he feels really sets him apart)

Gabby (in awe) – How do YOU know how hot dogs are made?

(What? Daddy knows how to use the microwave? Does Mommy know this?)

Jack – I DID IT!!!!!!!! (After passing gas at the table)

(Oh, boy.)

And with that, 2/3 of kids are awake and only one is sleeping. So it’s about time to wrap it up. Before I do, here are some pictures of our recent trip to see my family. We had a great time and the kids had a blast with Grammy and Grampy.


P1020821And after – Steve and Stan worked tirelessly on this floor.

P1020784Jack and his super-cousin.

P1020814Watching Dad, the grill master

P1020816Gabby and her GrampyP1020837The kids LOVED the splashpad.

P1020894Jack in the sprinkler.

P1020912Oh, my Jack-Jack.

P1020930Ice cream with Grammy

P1020931and Grampy.

P1020932This is Jack’s “silly face” He makes in on request.

P1020973Mama tried. Then I gave up deciding that there is no such thing as a good picture of 4 kids all smiling and not playing with their belly buttons.

P1020986Reading with Grammy and Grampy before bed.

P1020994This was Steve and Stan’s favorite break-time activity, Stratego.

Hopefully it will not be so long before my next post. But it probably will. But at least for now,

You’re all caught up!


Kelly Sellers said...

looks like ya'll are having a fun and busy summer. i can't tell you how much we look forward to being home again soon. we have really missed ya'll! love the kidisms!! i already have a few too...like kennady saying "byebye poopoo in the potty" over and over in hobby lobby the other morning. ha. nothing like being a mother...:)

Shaunna said...

Steve is about to deploy again?!! I didn't even think that was possibility this soon after just getting back?! BOOO! So sorry!:(

Mom said...

There is no place like home...hopefully daddy and I will have one soon. We are heading out for Ga. this am please pray for us that God will show us where He would have us live and that WE won't get in His way.
I missed you blogging but time with one's husband is a very necessary thing. Enjoy him while he is home.

Who knew Steve knew how to make hotdogs!!! I can just hear the excitement in her voice. Love you Lee-Lee.