April 11, 2011

An Update about Nothing

I feel the need to update my blog. However, I have nothing very interesting to say. Life in the Koper house has been business as usual. As long as usual includes the following:

Jack and Gabby both got a case of Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease. They had it very mildly and got over it pretty quickly. Jack’s feet were the worst part on either of them. He had some pretty good blisters. But they didn’t seem to bother him very much.013014Jack’s HFM Disease blisters

A few days after getting over HFM Disease, Jack moved on to an extreme ear infection. This was much harder on him than the HFM was. He spent one whole night up screaming. I gave him Motrin every few hours, but when it would wear out, he’d wake up screaming again. Thankfully he’s getting old enough to communicate with me enough to tell me his ear hurt. It was the sweetest, saddest little thing to watch. I’d say, “Jack, do you have an owie?” And he’d point to his right ear. Sometimes he’d say “Eaaa.” I recently purchased an otoscope, which I used to look in his ear. Since I’m not medically trained, I have no idea what an ear infection looks like, but I do look in the kids ears a lot when they’re healthy so I know what a healthy ear looks like and OH. MY. WORD. His ear was GROSS. A few days of Amoxicillin later, and he’s just fine. Currently sitting beside me at the table, sticking crayons up his nose.

001This picture has nothing to do with him being sick, but it is so cute. He was texting on my phone with his feet up and his little tongue out.

Steven decided to test how strong my will really is. Since I’m not nearly as scary as Dad, why should he listen to me anyways? I think we’ve reached an agreement now and things are much better. But there for a while last week, I was thinking about getting rid of him, or at least locking him a closet.

002A self portrait I found on the computer.

Gabby has stopped talking. She only yells. ONLY. YELLS. I’m not a fan.

022Gabby had dressed herself and done her own hair. She has quite the fashion sense.

Last night, Jack and I went out front to water our garden. The bigger kids were in bed already. Upon reentering the house through the garage, I noticed the freezer door was open where I keep all my stock meat. There was blood dripping out of the bottom of the freezer. All the meat in the freezer had thawed. It was all still a little icy so it wasn’t bad yet, but I knew I couldn’t re-freeze it and I didn’t know if it had gotten too warm to keep in the fridge for long. Plus I have some food in my fridge and didn’t quite have room for 3 huge bags of frozen chicken, 4 pounds of ground turkey, a package of pork chops, and a pound of bacon. So at 9pm yesterday, I began to cook. And I cooked it all. By midnight, I was done. I refroze all the prepared meats and meal planning will be super easy this month. Not quite how I wanted to spend my Sunday evening, though.

When we talk, Steve and I are planning our summer vacation. It’s exciting. I can’t wait.pool

This place looks gorgeous!

Our Daddy Day Chart is getting more and more empty as the weeks go by. So far we’ve been hiking, Mini-golfing, we’ve had 2 movie nights at home, one in the theater, gone out for pizza, gone to Mr Gatti’s, the zoo and the Grace Museum. Not too many more to go. Our little weekly activities sure make our countdown exciting for the kids.

023006 028044056054Lots of fun on some of our Daddy Days!

Jack’s current favorite topic of conversation is his bike. His red tricycle. He tells me often, “I bie, I bie” while pointing toward the garage. If we go out there, he’ll run over to his bike and point excitedly, “I BIE! I BIE!”

005Jack’s hair grows so fast – wearing Gabby’s headband.

Steven instant messeged with Steve on Skype, tonight. Here is their conversation. Notice the times – how long it took Steven to find all the letters and type what he wanted to say. So sweet!

[7:35:27 PM] steve k: hi buddy

[7:39:49 PM] Leah Koper: at my soccer gaym i a gol

[7:40:21 PM] steve k: good job

[7:40:37 PM] steve k: what did you do today

[7:43:53 PM] Leah Koper: culrd

[7:44:12 PM] Leah Koper: fun

[7:44:18 PM] steve k: cool, what did you color

[7:45:44 PM] Leah Koper: a red car

[7:46:31 PM] steve k: do you want to go camping when i get home

[7:47:01 PM] Leah Koper: yes

[7:47:14 PM] steve k: where do you want to camp

[7:50:03 PM] Leah Koper: woods

[7:50:24 PM] steve k: do you want to go to the beach to camp

[7:52:23 PM] Leah Koper: yes i haf to go to bed

[7:52:42 PM] steve k: ok, i love you buddy

[7:53:40 PM] Leah Koper: love you to

And now you’re all caught up!


Taylor Family Tales! said...

Such a sweet post. Poor little ones having HFM. Meagan had this when she worked at a daycare and said it was very painful! :(

I love the picutre of Gabby's fashion sense. For some reason, it made me think back to the Baby-Sitter's club books and Claudia Kishi. You know...in the descriptions of everyone where it always said something about Claudia's awesome fashion style that would look ridiculous on most, but looked fabulous on her? :)

Mom said...

Good Stuff Lee, I really enjoyed reading about what you consider your "normal" Koper life. One day they will all be off and married and this oddly bittersweet quiet life will begin. It's proving to be not as bad as I had originally thought. ;-)

Great pictures! Have Steven take some of you to put up as well. I love the story about Jack wanting to ride his bike.I miss you terribly and love you Lee.