April 23, 2011

A Special Birthday Message

Grandma, you’re awesome – what more can we say?

 IMG_0988 IMG_0946

Grandma, we love when you come to see us and play,

P1060144 P1060082

You are our Grandma and for that we are glad!

 IMG_1694 IMG_1663

You sure did a great job raising our Dad!


You are so much fun and we like being with you,

 IMG_2082 IMG_2191

We love you so much and our parents do, too!

 IMG_1861 IMG_1667

We miss you a lot when you are away,


We hope that your birthday is a wonderful day!


Love, Steven, Gabby and Jack-Jack

1 comment:

Mom said...

I love Grandma Koper too! Daddy and I feel so blessed to have met such wonderful and kind people as your mother and father in law. God is good.