April 29, 2011

Our Princess Wedding Tea Party

Gabby and I made hats yesterday to wear this morning while we watched a princess marry a prince.


Our inspiration picture


Gabby picked out our dresses and we put on our hats to watch


We had our tea

021   013  019

Gabby was enthralled. She told her daddy on the phone that the princess wore a pretty, white dress.

Gabby loves all the Disney Princesses so it was very fun to show her a real princess and all the pretty things at the Royal Wedding!


Jenny Acs said...

OMG Leah! What a sweet idea ;D How adorable! I wish I would have thought of that you're so creative.

Cara Joy said...

How sweet! I wish I would've watched it. Gabby looks so cute in her flower girl dress.

Anonymous said...

Your hats are by far the best from some of the hats that were worn at the wedding.

Anonymous said...

Sorry that was me (Michelle) who posted that last comment.

Mom said...

Oh My Goodness you two are the most adorable wedding guests ever. Love the hats! What a great idea and a sweet memory for you and Gabby-Girl.

Kelly Sellers said...

Too Cute Leah! It's good that you took advantage this wedding since it will most likely be A WHILE until the next one! ha. great memories!! and LOOOOVE the hats. :)

p.s. the creative mom of the year award goes to you!