April 29, 2011

Our Princess Wedding Tea Party

Gabby and I made hats yesterday to wear this morning while we watched a princess marry a prince.


Our inspiration picture


Gabby picked out our dresses and we put on our hats to watch


We had our tea

021   013  019

Gabby was enthralled. She told her daddy on the phone that the princess wore a pretty, white dress.

Gabby loves all the Disney Princesses so it was very fun to show her a real princess and all the pretty things at the Royal Wedding!

April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday 2011


3 Beautiful Kids all dressed up


Gabby helped Jack find his basket



I told Gabby that she was warmer and warmer…


I had to tell her over and over that the dryer was RED HOT and that she should look in it. She did not believe me. She said, “No, it can’t be in there.”


I finally convinced her to look…



Steven found his before I could get the camera ready!


They were all very excited with their Easter baskets!


Jack practicing blowing his bubbles before they were open


019 021 022

All three kids had to try out their power toothbrushes right away


 024 025

Steven got a Reading Level 1 Disney book that he can read all by himself. Gabby got the Sleepy Kittens book from the Despicable Me movie (see scene of book being read HERE, if you don’t know what I’m talking about)


At our Easter Breakfast at church with Uncle Joe


Such a handsome boy


Gabby with her Aunt Holly

After we ate our breakfast, the kids were getting restless so we took them out to the church playground until time for the service

 033 035


The Super Cousins (defined HERE – it’s for real!)

After church, we went over to Grandpa’s house for a big Easter dinner and an Easter Egg Hunt. Our hunt was delayed by about 5 minutes by a bit of rain – but with the drought we’ve been in this year, we were thankful for it.

 039 041


The Egg Hunt-delaying rain ended up being only the beginning. It stormed for several hours this evening. Thankfully, the hail didn’t start until I had my truck in the garage! The kids and I went and took these pictures early in the storm. By the time it was really bad, we were in the closet because of the tornado warnings. The hail actually got bigger and worse than these pictures show.

   045044052 053


We had a wonderful day celebrating our Risen Savior!

The only thing that could have made today better is having Steve home…and maybe less roof-damage.

April 23, 2011

A Special Birthday Message

Grandma, you’re awesome – what more can we say?

 IMG_0988 IMG_0946

Grandma, we love when you come to see us and play,

P1060144 P1060082

You are our Grandma and for that we are glad!

 IMG_1694 IMG_1663

You sure did a great job raising our Dad!


You are so much fun and we like being with you,

 IMG_2082 IMG_2191

We love you so much and our parents do, too!

 IMG_1861 IMG_1667

We miss you a lot when you are away,


We hope that your birthday is a wonderful day!


Love, Steven, Gabby and Jack-Jack