March 9, 2011

Truly Random

I took the kids on a hike at the State Park this afternoon. I, of course, forgot my camera. I wanted to share our adventures with Steve so I took pictures on my phone which doesn’t take the best pictures, but it works. I am totally behind technology and don’t have a smart phone so moving pictures from my phone to my laptop takes an extra step or two, but I did it today to share the pictures with Steve. Since I uploaded all the pictures from my phone, I looked through them and enjoyed looking at some of the old (and very random!) pictures that I had long forgotten were on my phone. Join in the fun:



Jack before his first haircut

026 029


Gabby playing outside with no pants.



Jack’s weird way of enjoying his new stroller.


Some shoes I thought were cute and thought about buying for Steven and took a picture to think about it some and decided against them.

 082 086 087


Gabby’s bruised up face after falling face-first on the sidewalk



Steven’s random swollen eye



Something I wanted for Christmas…and got thanks to the picture emailed to Steve.


And finally, our hiking trip today:

 127 129 132


Laura said...

so much fun going through pictures!

love those shoes you picked out but didn't get! :)

hiking is fun!

grammy said...

I like the pic of Steve and his giant eyeball! The random pictures are adorable. I think Jack-Jack might be your biggest ham. Love you Lee <3