March 13, 2011

Soccer Videos


This post is mostly for Steve so he can watch his son play. The rest of you are welcome to enjoy it, though. As I was putting gel in his faux-hawk before the soccer game, we talked about the importance of David Beckham hair. I think it helped. Steven is #8. Please ignore the screaming soccer mom.

Steven scoring a goal:

Steven bowling a kid over with the power of one kick. Not that I’m glad he knocked a kid over or anything. I was just impressed with how hard he kicks. And the kid was fine. Don’t judge me for posting this. Or being strangely proud of it.

Steven shooting (and Gabby seeing a butterfly!):

…and missing.

Steven scoring a goal:

Steven scoring a goal:

Keeping up with the Kopers: Soccer Videos


Cara Joy said...

I know this was just Steven highlights, but he pretty much is the best on the whole team. He kicks so hard! (Mom and I posted this comment together)

Ali said...

Love watching little Steven play soccer! He is really good! I watched him knock the little kid over like three times. It was hilarious (after I knew the other child was fine of course) hahahaha Thanks for sharing!

Grammy said...

Daddy and I love the videos. Steven Ray is an absolute natural at soccer. We can tell he truly loves the sport.