February 12, 2011

More Kidisms

I'm so thankful for my 3 little gifts. They keep me so busy, and they make me laugh every single day.

Last night, Steve was tucking the kids into bed. As he knelt over Gabby, his love for his sweet little daughter overwhelmed him and he shed a few tears that landed on her face. About this time, Steven asked from the bunk above, "Dad, are you crying?" Gabby said, "No. He's not." Steven said, "Dad, it sounds like you're crying." Gabby said, "Nope. He's not crying. He's just really sweaty." Steve laughed so hard.

Steve was sitting with Steve on the couch one afternoon when Steven informed him, "I farted like a whisper so it won't stink."

Steve started trying to get Jack to repeat "I love you." It went like this:

Steve: "I LOVE YOU."

Jack: -------

Steve: "I"


Steve: "Love"


Steve: "You."

Jack (still yelling): "IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII"

So, Jack says "I" really well.

This afternoon, Steve recorded this book for the kids

so as they turn each page, his voice reads the story. On the dedication page, he recorded a little message to them about how he loves them and misses them and will see them soon. Tonight, we listened to the book for the first time and as his voice played the message to them, Gabby kept trying to interrupt to ask him a question. Steven asked if he was on the computer looking at the words on the screen (the computer was nowhere near by). To say they were baffled by this technology would be an understatement.


Tyly said...

I really love each of these stories. So much love! <3

Shaunna said...

I love those recordable books---Seems like they would be just perfect for situations like deployments! Love you guys!! Praying for you!!

Cara Joy said...

I really think your three little gifts are especially cute. It can't be normal to be so adorable. I love you guys.

Sue Marsh said...

I adore your three little gifts and the love that your biggest gift has for his children makes me cry happy tears. God is so good.