February 15, 2011

Did I ever tell you….


…about the awesome snowman walking his snow dog that we made a few weeks ago?


….about the tiny snow family?


…about what Jack did while we built our snowman and snow dog?


…about how Dan and Julia and their kids came up for Super Bowl Sunday and the only picture I took of their visit was of Harvey after he crawled into my bathroom and got stuck behind my toilet? (and yes, he was pulled out quickly, stripped and scrubbed afterwards because….gross!)


…about when we took the kids to the Grace Museum only to get there and find that the children’s part was closed so we left and walked around downtown,



and played on the statue,


and took lots of pictures of the kids together,

 085  067093

and of Steven jumping off of things?



….about when we played on the railroad tracks?

125 127

…about how we went to The Jump Around and…well, jumped around?

 131 137



…about how Jack has discovered that it’s fun to crawl around and bark like a doggie, since doggie is one of his favorite words?


…about how Jack copies everything he sees his sister and brother doing?


…about how today is our first “Daddy Day.”

…that Daddy Days are a day each week (or so) that I pull an activity off of our Daddy Day Board, which is covered in activities that we like to do with Daddy and that will make us think about Daddy, and we go do that activity.

…about how it helps the kids see how many activities are left until Daddy comes home, and they can see the board get more and more empty as the weeks go by?

No? I never told you about any of that?

Maybe next time.

February 12, 2011

More Kidisms

I'm so thankful for my 3 little gifts. They keep me so busy, and they make me laugh every single day.

Last night, Steve was tucking the kids into bed. As he knelt over Gabby, his love for his sweet little daughter overwhelmed him and he shed a few tears that landed on her face. About this time, Steven asked from the bunk above, "Dad, are you crying?" Gabby said, "No. He's not." Steven said, "Dad, it sounds like you're crying." Gabby said, "Nope. He's not crying. He's just really sweaty." Steve laughed so hard.

Steve was sitting with Steve on the couch one afternoon when Steven informed him, "I farted like a whisper so it won't stink."

Steve started trying to get Jack to repeat "I love you." It went like this:

Steve: "I LOVE YOU."

Jack: -------

Steve: "I"


Steve: "Love"


Steve: "You."

Jack (still yelling): "IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII"

So, Jack says "I" really well.

This afternoon, Steve recorded this book for the kids

so as they turn each page, his voice reads the story. On the dedication page, he recorded a little message to them about how he loves them and misses them and will see them soon. Tonight, we listened to the book for the first time and as his voice played the message to them, Gabby kept trying to interrupt to ask him a question. Steven asked if he was on the computer looking at the words on the screen (the computer was nowhere near by). To say they were baffled by this technology would be an understatement.

February 3, 2011

Snow Day

Today is Day 3 of February Snow Mess 2011. Day 3 of no work for Steve, no school for Steven, cancelled appointments, cancelled vacations to the Great Wolf Lodge, and day 3 of no snow plow coming anywhere near our neighborhood. We are starting to feel a little bit of cabin fever. I rarely spend an entire day at home because it makes me crazy. I have to get out every day. Even if it’s just to go to Hobby Lobby or a grocery store or to browse around the mall and not buy anything and let the kids play in the play area. So, here’s how we’ve been fighting the craziness and keeping ourselves busy during these snow days.

First, we played.


There was a lot of falling.


It took over half an hour to get the kids bundled up.


Next, came the snow fort.



Which didn’t last long, It soon became snow bricks for throwing.


I took these pictures from the window where I was inside keeping quite warm. You can’t see Steven’s face but you should know that he thought it was VERY funny to be hit with these giant snow bricks.


Here’s Steven seeking revenge on his father.


Playing outside was always followed by lots of Hot Cocoa. Yum.


As well as lots of House Hunters and Design on a Dime on HGTV. Thank you, Lord for cable television.


Next on our Snow Day Activity agenda, an indoor fort. With an opening facing the fire in the fireplace.


Complete with pretending to be hibernating bears.


The chill that I just couldn’t shake off even motivated me to hit up my Couch to 5k program. It sure did warm me up.


And the climax of our day, yesterday was our attempt to get out of the house. We made it approximately 1/2 a mile from our house, got stuck in an icy rut and decided that was enough excitement for one day.


Monopoly Deal, which I am determined to win one of these days, has also been added to our list of boredom busters.


And Jack has spent the last 3 days cutting 4 eye-teeth at once, running a low-grade fever and being grouchy to an extreme degree (also, having a little booger hanging out of his nose, but that’s okay). So, basically he’s been super fun. He’s had a lot of Motrin, and a lot of cuddling. All 4 teeth have finally broken through the gum, so hopefully today will be a bit better.

And our future goals include the following:

mall mcdonalds

Yep, we are planning to attempt another road trip, today. Steve and I are craving junk food and a trip to the mall where we can let the kids play and maybe buy some junk we don’t need. We aim high, people. We’re real dreamers.

And now you’re all caught up!