December 10, 2010

7 Years of Koper Family Christmas Pictures

This is a re-post of a post I posted (yep, I just typed that) last year. I added one more picture to the end and a few more comparative comments. It's still fun to see us change.
When I posted this last year, my sister Cara commented on how the photography seems to get a little better with each year, which seems to be true. This is the first year we've used an ACTUAL tripod. In all other pictures, either someone took it or the camera was stacked on a tower of household items.
Without further adieu, here we are, 7 years of the Kopers at Christmas.

Steve and I had been married for 4 months. We were living in a tiny 1-bedroom apartment in Phoenix, Arizona. About 3 days after this picture was taken, I took a pregnancy test and saw a little plus sign.

Steven was almost 4 months old and Steve and I weighed about 100 pounds more than we did the year before. This was taken in front of my parent's Christmas tree since we spent Christmas with them in Florida.

We were so happy with our little monster, 15 months old. We were living in a very small, cute little apartment in Austin, Texas. We found out we were expecting Gabby about a month after this picture was taken.


Gabby was almost 3 months old, Steven was 2. This was in our 2nd, bigger 2-bedroom apartment in Austin, Texas. This was Christmas Eve and Steve had just returned home from 10 weeks at OTS the day before. Having him home felt like a dream. It was a wonderful Christmas. Even with our Charlie Brown Christmas Tree.

I was about 12 weeks pregnant with Jack. Gabby was 14 months old, and Steven was 3. We had lots of family to visit in our sweet little base house at Randolph AFB. The kids were both old enough to really enjoy Christmas and it was a very memorable one.
Our tree was leaning to the left.

Jack was 5 months, Gabby was 2, Steven was 4. This was the first of many Christmases we will spend in our current home. My family came to visit for Christmas and it was a great time.


Here we are this year! Jack is 17 months old, Gabby is 3, Steven is 5. Unlike every other even-year Christmas picture, I am neither pregnant nor about to find out I am. We will be spending Christmas here at home this year with my whole family and almost all of Steve's family. It's going to be a great, big, wonderful family Christmas!

This is the first year that our Christmas picture doesn't have anything Christmassy (it's a word)in it. It's not often that we take a family picture and I don't like being limited to only using our Christmas picture at Christmas time - so, this year we went neutral with the background. Also, it should be noted that I was going with a black/white/grey theme with the outfits, but if you notice Steve's outfits in the first three years, I'm doing good just getting him out of undershirts or hooded sweatshirts and superman capes for family pictures. So, his green plaid shirt can't really be complained about... but it was frowned upon.


Cara Joy said...

I honestly think you guys just keep getting better looking. And I'm not just saying that because I got new glasses.

I like the black and gray. I tried to do it with our Christmas picture but Kyle refused the gray sweater. (because apparently sweaters are gay) Men.

Tyly said...

It's so neat to watch your family grow through pictures! You have a very beautiful family. :)

eubybaby said...

You just keep getting more beautiful! It's so neat to be able to keep up with your growing family. My grandson, Jack, will be 2 just after Christmas. Kids and grandkids are such a joy! (and Steve looks just fine...the shirt looks grayish green to me) :)