November 29, 2010

Monday Evening Thoughts

* Sometimes my job entails answering weird questions. Today, "Umm...I'm not really sure if rabbits are afraid of heights, Steven."

* Tonight Gabby put her blanket over her shoulders like a cape then danced around the kitchen singing, "I'm a queen. I'm a queen. I'm a really nice queen." 10 minutes later she was meowing on the floor. I love her imagination.

* Jack has started calling, "Ma-ma. Ma-ma. Ma-ma." It melts my heart. Even if it is a little whiny.

* Immaculate Baking Co. makes HANDS. DOWN. THE. BEST. EVER. break-and-bake chocolate chip cookies. I get a package every time I go to HEB. They are AMAZING. See all the CAPS? They're THAT good. I ate 6 tonight.

* Gabby hasn't willingly eaten dinner in at least a week. She did not get to partake in cookies tonight. It doesn't matter what's for dinner, she's not eating it.

* Why isn't the CIA just taking out this WikiLeaks guy and making it look like he slipped in the shower, or something? That's what I've been wondering, today. Apparently the CIA does not do what I thought they did - or that guy would've been gone after the last leak.

* I think I know approximately 147 pregnant women, right now. I have 2 baby showers in a row on Saturday, this week. I actually have to leave one a little early to make it straight over to the second.

* We have not put our Christmas tree up, yet. Maybe this weekend. I love Christmas, but I'm in no rush to put a giant tree in the living room just yet. We did start Advent last night, though. Steve led us in a great first night of Christmas devotion about Peace. It was really nice.

* Steve and I have been doing 7 Minute Abs in the mornings the last few days. My abs hurt. A lot.

* Steve and I watched Inception this week. It was weird. But I enjoyed it - It was very interesting. We also took the kids to see MegaMind. It was adorable.

* I think I would love this West Texas wintry weather if it weren't for the wind. Temperature in the 50s, clear, sunny skies - all good. 40mph wind knocking the kids over and slamming the car doors on me when I open them - not a fan.

* Steve just got home from his night flight. Yay!

* And now you're all caught up!


Shaunna said...

Ummm, those cookies just went on my shopping list! I'm all about a good chocolate chip cookie--Especially break and bake!!

And I hate the wind too--It seems to be never ending!!

So glad I'm not the only one waiting until the first weekend in December (GASP!!) to put up my tree--hehe:)

Shaunna said...

PS-Blake got my TOMS at a place in Abilene--Village Boutique (3194 South 27th Street)

Maybe you'll get some Christmas money and just go buy a pair for yourself!! They're super comfy!! (My mom thinks they're ugly too-lol!)

Cara Joy said...

That's funny about the pregnant ladies because two girls who just had babies had their first nights back to work tonight and I thought their heads looked so much bigger when there was no belly to stare at. Also another girl at my work is about to go on maternity leave. Also there was a rumor (squashed) last week about me being pregnant.