November 29, 2010

Monday Evening Thoughts

* Sometimes my job entails answering weird questions. Today, "Umm...I'm not really sure if rabbits are afraid of heights, Steven."

* Tonight Gabby put her blanket over her shoulders like a cape then danced around the kitchen singing, "I'm a queen. I'm a queen. I'm a really nice queen." 10 minutes later she was meowing on the floor. I love her imagination.

* Jack has started calling, "Ma-ma. Ma-ma. Ma-ma." It melts my heart. Even if it is a little whiny.

* Immaculate Baking Co. makes HANDS. DOWN. THE. BEST. EVER. break-and-bake chocolate chip cookies. I get a package every time I go to HEB. They are AMAZING. See all the CAPS? They're THAT good. I ate 6 tonight.

* Gabby hasn't willingly eaten dinner in at least a week. She did not get to partake in cookies tonight. It doesn't matter what's for dinner, she's not eating it.

* Why isn't the CIA just taking out this WikiLeaks guy and making it look like he slipped in the shower, or something? That's what I've been wondering, today. Apparently the CIA does not do what I thought they did - or that guy would've been gone after the last leak.

* I think I know approximately 147 pregnant women, right now. I have 2 baby showers in a row on Saturday, this week. I actually have to leave one a little early to make it straight over to the second.

* We have not put our Christmas tree up, yet. Maybe this weekend. I love Christmas, but I'm in no rush to put a giant tree in the living room just yet. We did start Advent last night, though. Steve led us in a great first night of Christmas devotion about Peace. It was really nice.

* Steve and I have been doing 7 Minute Abs in the mornings the last few days. My abs hurt. A lot.

* Steve and I watched Inception this week. It was weird. But I enjoyed it - It was very interesting. We also took the kids to see MegaMind. It was adorable.

* I think I would love this West Texas wintry weather if it weren't for the wind. Temperature in the 50s, clear, sunny skies - all good. 40mph wind knocking the kids over and slamming the car doors on me when I open them - not a fan.

* Steve just got home from his night flight. Yay!

* And now you're all caught up!

November 18, 2010

Another Jack Post

So, I feel a little like it's been all about Jack, lately. In my defense, he's just at that age. He's just starting to do new things, figure out new interests. Poop in new places. And so my story begins.

This morning, Jack was wandering around the house in his cute Carter's footed PJs. They are dark green and brown with little paw-prints on them. They are adorable. In case you don't know Jack well, or haven't seen him in a while you should know that he is small. In fact at his 16-month check up the other day, his pediatrician let me know that Jack is not on the growth chart at all for his weight. And barely on the chart for his height (his head was in the 85th percentile, but his giant head has nothing to do with today's events). Jack's footed PJs are size 12 month. They are very big on him. Sometimes when he climbs and plays around in them, he gets both legs up in the body of the PJs and gets stuck trying to get his legs back in their appropriate compartments.

Gabby is The Nose of the family. She is the first to let anyone know if they have stinky breath or smelly armpits. This morning she informed me that Jack smelled and that he was probably poopy. I was doubtful of this since I had just changed his poopy diaper about an hour earlier. But I never doubt The Nose, so I took him in to be changed.

Upon unzipping his PJs, I made a strange discovery. No diaper. Commando. Like the Tom Petty song goes, he was "♫ Freeeee, free ballin’ ♫" I've been changing diapers for 5 years. With no break. Not even a little one. I have had at least one child in diapers for the last 5 years. Diapering is second nature. It's like breathing. But smellier. There is no way that I would remove a soiled diaper, wipe him clean and not put a new diaper back on. I may be scatter brained at times, but that is just not possible. As I tried to figure out what had happened, I removed one foot from the footed PJs and found the missing item. There was the diaper, around his foot. I'm not sure how. But there it was. I was relieved to find no poop. Clean hiney, clean diaper. Crisis averted. The Nose had been mistaken. In my attempt to reapply the diaper, I removed his second foot from the footed PJs. And regretted it. There it was. The poop The Nose had smelled. Somehow... somehow Jack had managed to move his diaper down one shaft of his footed PJs, and poop down the other. It was smushed between his toes. With lint mixed in for a great consistency. I peeked, scared, down the leg of the PJs and found a footie full of poo-poo.

After 5 years of diaper changes, I thought I had seen it all. Apparently I had not. Maybe now, I have. Although I kind of doubt it.

November 16, 2010

Jack’s Dancing

I recently posted a video on Facebook of Jack “dancing.” Here it is, if you missed it:

I just love to watch him “dance.” But more than that, I LOVE when he hums to himself while sleepy and sucking his thumb…and “dances” to his own tune.

Oh, man. This kid cracks us up.

November 10, 2010

2 Weeks: Part 3

The final post about how we spent our two weeks is all about our trip to:

We went for 3 days and 2 nights. We never left the hotel. We never had to. The hotel had shopping, restaurants, endless hallways full of running and racing fun, a bedtime animatronics show and bedtime story for the kids, and of course an amazing waterpark. Not to sound like an advertisement - but it was one of my favorite vacations to date. It was just what a vacation should be. It was wonderfully relaxing and very fun at the same time. We've taken the kids to waterparks many times over the years, including Sea World this summer, Redneck water park in Arkansas when I was VERY pregnant (remember?), and Schliterbaun. But this was our first water park experience that was genuinely relaxing. When we got tired, we walked up to our comfortable room and napped. We didn't worry or think about sunscreen once. We didn't lug 6 bags full of towels, snacks, suits, dry clothes etc. to the waterpark. We just put our suits on and walked down stairs. It was great.
The kids cried when it was time to leave the "waterpark hotel" and honestly, Steve and I were kind of sad to leave and get back to normal life. My only complaint about the hotel would be that the water was a little cool for me and Steven. We are both the cold-natured and I got chilled in the waterpark quite a bit and I often noticed Steven with his tell-tale purple lips, which he gets the minute he's just a little cold. Otherwise, we had a great time and enjoyed every minute of our family trip.

Here's a nearly endless slideshow featuring about 1/3 of the pictures we took on our trip. Did I mention that we had a lot of fun? Well, we did.
(If this slideshow won't load for you - it doesn't on my computer - and you want to see our pictures, just click on "view all images" and it'll take you to slideshow on the photosharing site - sorry about the trouble but I just was way to lazy to upload 50 pictures on here)

November 8, 2010

2 Weeks: Part 2

When we arrived home from picking Steve up, he had arranged for a gift to be waiting in the garage for the kids. Having Grandpa in town is quite convenient.

It has provided hours of fun for the whole family.


On Halloween, we went to Holly and Jr’s house and took the kids trick-or-treating with their cousin, Nolan. Steven was an aviator, Gabby was Cinderella, Jack went as a Jack-in-a-Box and Nolan was Charlie Brown. They were the cutest group of trick-or-treaters out there!



Our overly-enthused candy-hander-outers


The day after Halloween, we went on a trip that I will post all about in Part 3. After our trip, we had a birthday party for Steven and Gabby. We rented a jumpy castle for the yard and grilled outback. Nothing too fussy but just enough fun for the kids. After the party guests left, we opened gifts from Grammy, Grampy, Grandma, Aunt Holly, Uncle Joe, Nolan, Aunt Cara and Uncle Kyle. They each had opened a few gifts on their actual birthday, but we saved most of them for the “party with Daddy.”    

 127   041 042 043 047 051  065 067 081 083 111

They may be a little spoiled.

Coming soon: Part 3: Our trip HERE! I know all three of you are on the edge of your seat.

November 6, 2010

Two Weeks: Part 1

     Two wonderful weeks ago our hero came home to us. It was such an amazing moment. Words cannot describe the feeling of seeing him walking up to us. Feeling his hug. Watching him hug and kiss our children. 4 months is a long time, but without those 4 months apart, we would never have had that one amazing moment. Everything else disappeared. Even the sweet people all around us who were thoughtful enough to take tons of pictures for us. I didn’t even know they were there. – Thank You, Thank You, guys!
002Our Garage Door decorated for Daddy
004Me and a few of my fellow spouses. Love these girls. We were all so jittery waiting for our hubbies.
008Daddy’s plane landed!012011
100_1549So many uniforms, just looking for ours!
100_1550 100_1551 2 3Found him! 4   IMG_5295 100_1554 100_1556 100_1557 100_1558 100_1559 IMG_5293IMG_5279 IMG_5284 (2) IMG_5285 (2) IMG_5287  Such a happy family!

Steve was given 2 weeks of “recon” (basically time off) to just spend with us. Monday will be his first day back at work. More on how we spent our two weeks to come. Stay tuned for Part 2!