October 12, 2010

If a Picture Says a Thousand Words, What Do a Thousand Pictures Say?

I don’t have any interesting information or funny stories to share. No profound thoughts or random tidbits. What I do have is a TON of pictures. So here you go, blog world. It’s time for Koper Kid Picture Overload. There should be theme music.

Steven and Gabby enjoy dress up clothes to play in. Steven was thrilled to get his own flight suit so he can “be the daddy” when he and Gabby play “family.” He wears it every chance he gets.




He may need to work on his salute.


My sweet, big boy.


Last week, I took Gabby and Jack to a squadron playdate at The Pumpkin Patch. We got some pretty cute pictures, take a look!

We have been loving this fall weather! Our favorite pastime right now: Playing Outside! I love Autumn! Here’s an album of our riveting outside activities. Also, note Jack in his NEW BIG BOY CARSEAT!!! He finally (at 15 months!) hit 20 pounds and got to turn forward facing in the truck! Take a look!


Here’s Gabby going to bed on her last day as a 2-year-old. So sweet.


And here’s an album of her little mini-birthday-celebration. Grandpa took us to Mr. Gatty’s and the kids had a blast!

When Steve saw this picture, he was struck at how much Gabby and Jack look alike. I had never really thought about it, but they have the same cheeks, forehead, chin and nose. You can really see it, here. Man, I have cute kids :-)

And Jack’s hair – thoughts? My thought: Crazy. It is crazy.


Okay, if you looked at every picture you get 5 bonus points.

And now, you’re all caught up!


Ali said...

Loved all the pictures! I can't get over how big Jack Jack is. Looks like Gabby had a great birthday party!

Cara Joy said...

I love Gabby's demin and plaid and boots outfit! And Jack's hair suits him very well. The kids look so happy for fall to finally have arrived! (fave picture was cuddle time after bath)

sue anne marsh said...

I loved the pictures, Jack-Jack has grown so much and boy he does look like Gabby0-Girl. The autumn pictures make me homesick for cool weather and making soup and putting on a light jacket. Here I sit in shorts!!! I win five points i looked at every picture. Steven's flight suit is adorable and Jack's hair CRAZY I love it. As for our precious Gabby-Girl she is beautiful like her mama and our little sunshine. She just makes us smile. Love you Lee <3