October 19, 2010

Thanks for the Memories

Dear Skype,

Soon, very soon, I will no longer be needing your services. Please know, however, that I hold you in the highest esteem. You have been a wonderful addition to our family. Through your eye, Steve witnessed some of his son’s first steps, 4 birthdays, one wedding anniversary, one first day of school and saw countless new toys, colored pictures, owies, new clothes, new teeth and talents. Through your ear, he heard songs and stories, baby babble and crying. With you between us, our family was able to have conversations both silly and serious.

Through your instant message feature, my husband and I came up with our own IM shorthand that became almost second nature to my typing fingers. There have been many times that I’ve almost used it when sending other people messages before I realize that only my husband would understand my seemingly random string of letters. Thank you for that near embarrassment.

Thank you for the tours of the dorm room. Maybe we could work on some kind of “blurring” feature, though. For the half dressed woman on the poster on the wall of said dorm room. Or for the time some guy walked by in the background, half dressed. A blurring feature would have been much appreciated at such times. Perhaps bleeping feature, too? Just for when other people come into my husband’s room and use foul language. And maybe some kind of feature enhancer? After a long day, I love to chat “face to face” with my husband but would love to look a little better for him. Let me know if you come up with anything in that area before the next deployment. Okay?

To those rarely separated, these pictures may not seem like much. But to those of us who know this separation all to well, these pictures have meant more than words to us, at times. So thank you, Skype. Thank you for these. 

 Video call snapshot 7

 Video call snapshot 8

And I know Steve is thankful for these images.


Snapshot of me 1

Snapshot of me 2

As much as you’ve meant to us these last four months, the thought of not needing you anymore overwhelms my heart with joy. I have butterflies in my stomach and a flutter in my chest. My webcam may get dusty in the desk drawer. But chances are, one day all too soon, we’ll open your files again and your technological wonders will bless our family again and again.


Username: Leahanne638


All silliness aside, our four months apart are ending very soon. They have been the hardest four months I’ve ever been through. I’ve missed my husband more than I know how to express. And he’s missed us more than I will ever know. But during this time, I’ve seen God’s love for me so clearly. He has sent Godly, wise and obedient people into my life to show me His love. People who have reached out to me, helped me and encouraged me, not because it makes them feel good, or even because it makes me feel good, but because they desire to bring God glory. What a blessing these people have been. What a loving God we serve.

I didn’t finish half the projects I had for myself. It didn’t go by quickly, at all. And these last days are D-R-A-G-G-I-N-G. But we did it…almost.

October 12, 2010

If a Picture Says a Thousand Words, What Do a Thousand Pictures Say?

I don’t have any interesting information or funny stories to share. No profound thoughts or random tidbits. What I do have is a TON of pictures. So here you go, blog world. It’s time for Koper Kid Picture Overload. There should be theme music.

Steven and Gabby enjoy dress up clothes to play in. Steven was thrilled to get his own flight suit so he can “be the daddy” when he and Gabby play “family.” He wears it every chance he gets.




He may need to work on his salute.


My sweet, big boy.


Last week, I took Gabby and Jack to a squadron playdate at The Pumpkin Patch. We got some pretty cute pictures, take a look!

We have been loving this fall weather! Our favorite pastime right now: Playing Outside! I love Autumn! Here’s an album of our riveting outside activities. Also, note Jack in his NEW BIG BOY CARSEAT!!! He finally (at 15 months!) hit 20 pounds and got to turn forward facing in the truck! Take a look!


Here’s Gabby going to bed on her last day as a 2-year-old. So sweet.


And here’s an album of her little mini-birthday-celebration. Grandpa took us to Mr. Gatty’s and the kids had a blast!

When Steve saw this picture, he was struck at how much Gabby and Jack look alike. I had never really thought about it, but they have the same cheeks, forehead, chin and nose. You can really see it, here. Man, I have cute kids :-)

And Jack’s hair – thoughts? My thought: Crazy. It is crazy.


Okay, if you looked at every picture you get 5 bonus points.

And now, you’re all caught up!

October 8, 2010


Today in the car, Gabby said, “Ohhhhhh. I am SO tired.”

Gabby started sleeping 6 hours straight at night when she was 3 weeks old. By 6 weeks of age, she was sleeping between 9 and 11 hours at night.


Gabby can and will sleep anywhere.



Gabby usually needs 2 things to sleep well: her thumb and her blanket.

100_3245100_2703002But in her daddy’s arms, she sleeps the best.

257   100_3732100_1907047


Yesterday, our Sleeping Beauty turned three. She’s spent some time awake in the last three years, but that’s another post.