September 25, 2010

Football, Oh Football...

So, there I sat. Soaked down to my Hanes Her Way. A screaming, shivering 1-year-old on my lap, wet curls matted against his forehead. Next to me on cold metal bleachers, a whining, 2-year-old covered in goosebumps; not even to be distracted from her intense misery by the new Hello Kitty rain boots on her feet or Little Mermaid umbrella over her head. My umbrella proved futile against all attempts at dryness. Warmth was a lost cause. And then there was Steven. Poor, poor Steven. Rain running down his face, lips as purple as his Wylie Bulldogs jersey. After the first half, he stopped moving. Coach put a big purple snuggie over him and let him stand on the sidelines. I wanted to go scoop him up and leave. But from where I was in the stands, I couldn't get to him or get the attention of his coaches. You see, only coaches and cheerleaders are allowed on the track or field. They announce this over the loud speaker every 5 minutes so that no one is confused. So there I sat.
We are home, now. Our hot water heater has been emptied. Sweat pants, blankets and movies are our present. The rain and misery is our past.

Football, oh West Texas Football. When will you learn that Pre-K flag football is not the NFL. That it is not that important. That canceling a game because of pouring rain in 65 degrees is really, really Okay. I won't judge you.

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Mrs. Katie Fulton said...

I couldn't believe they had y'all playing. But am not all that surprised unfortunately. We felt your pain! :)