September 25, 2010

Football, Oh Football...

So, there I sat. Soaked down to my Hanes Her Way. A screaming, shivering 1-year-old on my lap, wet curls matted against his forehead. Next to me on cold metal bleachers, a whining, 2-year-old covered in goosebumps; not even to be distracted from her intense misery by the new Hello Kitty rain boots on her feet or Little Mermaid umbrella over her head. My umbrella proved futile against all attempts at dryness. Warmth was a lost cause. And then there was Steven. Poor, poor Steven. Rain running down his face, lips as purple as his Wylie Bulldogs jersey. After the first half, he stopped moving. Coach put a big purple snuggie over him and let him stand on the sidelines. I wanted to go scoop him up and leave. But from where I was in the stands, I couldn't get to him or get the attention of his coaches. You see, only coaches and cheerleaders are allowed on the track or field. They announce this over the loud speaker every 5 minutes so that no one is confused. So there I sat.
We are home, now. Our hot water heater has been emptied. Sweat pants, blankets and movies are our present. The rain and misery is our past.

Football, oh West Texas Football. When will you learn that Pre-K flag football is not the NFL. That it is not that important. That canceling a game because of pouring rain in 65 degrees is really, really Okay. I won't judge you.

September 20, 2010

Not Me Monday

So I used to do Not Me Mondays with McMama's blog. However, I haven't really been reading McMama's blog lately and I'm not even sure if she still does them. It's probably been over a year since I've done one, so I thought I'd give it a try. Sometimes it just feels good to let everyone know that you are in fact a perfect person and that you NEVER do anything you shouldn't.
A few things I have not done in the recent past:

I certainly haven't started putting pull-ups on my 5-year-old at night. I am a potty-training champ and that would be totally lazy of me.

I have not eaten in a restaurant ALONE recently. And if I had, I certainly would feel lonely and not at all enjoy the fact that I was alone with no one was singing to me, eating off my plate or needing to go to the bathroom 14 times.

I have not helped Gabby pee in a parking lot because the thought of hauling 3 kids back into the store after we left it was too much.

I did not bake 8 break-and-bake cookies today with the idea that the kids would each get one and I would eat the remaining 5 for dinner. I did not follow through with this plan. Or enjoy every chocolaty morsel.

I did not go for a walk one morning and while speed-walking with the double stroller, pass a JOGGER and kind of want to point at her and yell, "Sucker!" That would not have been a kind thought.

I have not gone 3 days without bathing my kids. Steven does not stink. Like sweaty boy. It is not gross. He is not going to school smelling like a gym towel tomorrow.

I have not triple checked my DVR settings this week to make sure it is set to record new fall shows that start this week. TV is not very important to me at all. I don't even watch it, really.

I did not get the calendar out and count how many days Steve has been gone. That would make me too sad. Therefore, I do not know that Wednesday will be his 100th day away.

I did not take a shower and get into my sweat pants all ready for bed BEFORE going to a MOPS Steering meeting tonight just so when I came home I could crawl straight into bed. I always try to look my best when outside my house.

I was not bending over, cleaning stuff off the floor the other morning, wearing an over-sized t-shirt and underwear when I heard the lawn mower and realized a deacon from my church was mowing my lawn right outside the window I was in front of. I totally close my blinds when I'm not properly dressed.

Steven did not run out of clean socks this week due to the fact that I hadn't done laundry in over 2 weeks.

I did not find a sippy cup with milk-residue in it under the car seat. I did not gag as I tried to rinse the solid milk from the inside.

I did not go to the tax assessor's office to renew my truck registration 2 weeks after it expired. I was not informed that I've been driving around with expired license plates for TWO YEARS. I am not still driving around with the expired ones. The new ones are not still sitting on the floor of my car.

Thanks for letting me share about how perfect and wonderful I am. It feels really good. And just to let you know, I am not going to go crawl into bed without brushing my teeth, now. Good night!

September 9, 2010

Steve's Head

What this article fails to mention is that the back of the head in the bottom left corner of this picture, is that of Lt Steve Koper. It is very important information, really. Thought some of the family - or whoever - may enjoy seeing the most recent picture of him I have. His hair looks nice. Is that a bald spot? You can see the full article HERE.

September 1, 2010

A Rant, a Bus, a Song and Some Steps

Today, I miss my husband so much it physically hurts in my chest. He moved to an "undisclosed location" a few days ago and all I know is, this place has a crappy internet connection and he's very busy. I've hardly heard from him in the last 3 days and it's really hard for me. This has left me feeling emotionally overwhelmed and mentally drained. I can't wait for this to be over. I'm tired of smiling and saying things like, "Oh, it's going well. Time is flying. Things are great." Because right now, things suck. I know tomorrow is a new day and I can do all things through Christ, who gives me strength. So, tomorrow I'll put my smile back on and the Lord will get me through another day. But for the record, this is difficult and I hate every minute of it.

On a more positive note, today Steven Ray went on his very first field trip. Riding on a school bus has been a dream of his for years. Today, he did it. He rode that big yellow bus full of 4-year-olds out to Miss May's Farm. Gabby, Jack and I followed behind in our vehicle along with several other parents to "help." I'm sure the other parents were helpful - I'm not sure that I was. I was really just there to see Steven and spent most of my time caring for Gabby and Jack. It was great to see Steven interacting with his peers and teachers. He is my little social butterfly and he just loves being around other kids. He has a little best friend, who Mrs. Sanchez has told me is rarely far from his side. This best friend is a girl. In fact all of Steven's friends are girls. Maybe it's from having a sister he's so close with? Maybe he's inherited his dad's flirtatious nature? I don't know.

Getting on that bus.

Tonight at bed time, I asked the kids what they wanted to sing. Usually this means, they pick a song and I sing it to them. Tonight, Gabby decided that she'd sing for us, instead. She chose a family favorite, Hush Little Baby and proceeded with this:
Hush little baby, don't say a word. Mommy's going to buy you a mocking bird,

If that mocking bird won't sing, Mommy's going to buy you a looking glass,

If that looking glass gets break, Mommy's going to buy you a diamond goat,

If that diamond goat won't sing, Mommy's going to buy you a mocking bird....

You're welcome for that.

And lastly, here's some video of Jack's progress in the way of upright mobility.

...And now you're all caught up!