August 22, 2010

A Letter to Steven's Teacher

Dear Mrs. Sanchez,

My son Steven will be in your class this year. I hope that he is well behaved. I know he will be. I hope that you will see in him all that he is. I hope that he will excel and grow and learn and laugh. I hope he comes out of your Pre-K class, excited for life, loving to learn and just as sweet and happy as he is, now.
You should probably know that Steven likes to ask approximately 16 questions every minute while he is awake. He thrives on the knowledge that he is being helpful and that he is needed. He likes cereal, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, apples, grapes and pizza. He’ll try anything once but those are his favorites. He doesn’t have any allergies and is rarely really sick, although he does have a constant runny nose that never seems to dry up. Make sure he knows where the tissues are and you may have to remind him to use one when his nose is all gross. He doesn’t like to take naps, and hasn’t done it since age 2.
He thinks his brother, Jack and his sister, Gabby are the cutest kids he knows. He loves his mommy very much and knows that he is her big helper. He misses his daddy a lot and likes to color pictures and write letters to send Daddy, who is currently deployed. Steven is very excited to be turning 5 on the 3rd of September but has decided to postpone his birthday party until Daddy comes home. Steven likes to make up songs, mostly about monster trucks and racecars. When someone cries, he wants to make them feel better.
I worry about him being homesick, but I know it’s silly because he is very outgoing, a born leader, and loves meeting new friends. He can sometimes get frustrated when he can’t figure something out. If someone is mean to him, he will be mean right back, and cry later. He doesn’t like to eat the crust on his sandwich. When he gets hurt, he likes to be hugged and told that he doesn’t need to cry because he’s such a big, strong boy.
When I look at him, I still see a little baby boy and it hurts my heart a little to know that he’ll be spending his days with you instead of by my side. He is so curious, so excited and so looking forward to being a big boy at school that the part of me that wants to keep him home is hushed quickly by the part of me that knows what is best for my sweet boy. Please keep me updated on how he is doing in class, how he interacts with you and his peers, how he plays and what he likes, how he eats and if he is tired, grumpy, excited or wound up. Not knowing what he’s doing, how he’s feeling and what he’s thinking during the day just may kill me. But I know he’ll do well. Thank you for teaching him and please know that he’s not just another child in your class, he’s my sweet baby boy, my son.


Leah Koper


* Tyly * said...

I love it, and as a teacher, it's a nice reminder that each kid is someone's baby. Thanks!

sue anne marsh said...

thanks for making me cry :-( and remember how much it hurts when the first child goes away to school. Your kindergarten teacher was Mrs. Hyde and you adored her. It is so hard to believe your baby boy is going to school tomorrow. I'll be praying for you both to have a good day. I love you Lee. :-)

Anonymous said...

I agree with your mom. I sit here with tears running down my cheeks. It seems like yesterday that I remember Ali going off to school, but before that remembering You and Holly and your mom sharing through letters your first day of school. Steven is an incredible little boy and has a wonderful mom to love him and share his adventures of the day. My prayers are with you and May God's peace and comfort fill your heart. Love ya! Aunt Sheila

Laura said...

tears. such a sweet mom he has.

beccaellis said...

That is awesome. I love it Leah. Did you actually send this to her? You should.


beccaellis said...

That is awesome. I love it Leah. Did you actually send this to her? You should.