July 26, 2010

Complete and Utter Randomness

* My homepage is Yahoo! Today I was browsing my homepage and noticed an interesting news headline. The last three news headlines are usually local - and by local, I mean lame. They're usually "news" headlines about someone getting a DUI or a big rock being put next to the driveway at Walgreens (for real). Today, I was a little taken back by one of the local headlines. See if you can spot it.

Just as I was about to click on it to see how the heck someone's grandma caught on fire, I realized that really, it was more like, "Hey, Grandma how was that fire?"
"It was so scary."
"You heard it here first. Back to you, Jim."
I had to laugh. Such a good example of life here in sweet, little Abilene.

*Steven is really into wispering random things in my ear lately. This evening, he wispered, "Mommy, SE Johnson is a family company" in my ear. He has also recently told me that I need to go to Bagster.com to get a bagster. He may watch too much TV.

*This is my current favorite song. Can't get it out of my head - and don't really want to. Love it.

*I slept for almost 12 hours last night. It was amazing. I haven't slept well for most of the last 6 weeks without Steve, but I feel like I really caught up last night.

*Jack can't walk, but he can apparently climb up onto the ottoman and stand on it....and fall off. Such a boy.

*I found this online today and I want it for my birthday, which is coming up. I'm just saying.
* The kids and I have been watching about 3 hours of Cake themed shows on TLC. I want cake. But I'm going to bed.

And now you're all caught up!

July 22, 2010

A Little Facelife

* Apparently, I have more than enough time to fiddle around on Blogger without actually blogging. I was inspired to change my blog design after I got a notice from the online supplier of my last template, saying that my template would be gone tomorrow. I didn't understand why and didn't really care enough to look into it. I figured I'd just go with one of blogger's boring layouts that I had before - until I started looking at them and realized Blogger really kicked it up a notch in the template/background area. When I started this blog, two and a half years ago, I had a choice of about 6 backgrounds. Not anymore! The possibilities are endless, now! I had fun and changed the background, font and text colors approximately 47 times before settling on this one.
* The unwritten Rules of Deployments clearly state that as soon as your husband deploys, children become sick, appliances and cars break, and computers get viruses. Today was our first real crack in our rule-breaking streak (excluding Jack's cold last week, which I chose to ignore and it worked out fine). Gabby has a temperature of 104. She's not feeling so good. I plan to take her to the clinic in the morning. Hopefully it's something that will be gone very soon. She's just not herself when she's sick. It makes our home a little quieter - and not in a good way.
Here's the little sickypoo on the couch, sleeping it off. Poor baby.

* The kids got a card and some stickers in the mail from Daddy, today. It was pretty fun. Steven's been coloring and stickering all afternoon. Even sick little Gabby had enough energy to pull a Goofy sticker off the sheet and put it on her shirt.
Here's Steven working hard on his Cars sticker sheet while wearing his Cars pjs, of course.
For Steven, a day without Lightning McQeen would be a terible, terrible thing. Almost as bad as a day without booger-eating.

*Our week has been busy, busy, busy so far. We had a busy rest of the week planned but I think we'll be canceling the rest of our plans for Gabby's sake - and the sake of our friends with whom we don't wish to share our germs.

*I just asked Steven what my last point should be. Here's the answer: "Steven's going to be the number 10 and that when Gabby's going to be 4, she's going to play soccer and football and baseball and basketball. And that's the last ending of the story."
Today, Steven selected the number 10 for his football jersey, which he'll start wearing next month when the season starts, so really, it all makes sense. Not too sure about Gabby being as athletic as he hopes. She doesn't even like to run. The apple doesn't fall far.

And now, you're all caught up!

July 18, 2010

Titles Are Overrated

I haven't blogged in a while, due to my lack of blog-worthy subjects. You should probably thank me for not writing posts about our trips to the grocery store, my latest Netflix movie, what kind of cereal I fixed us for dinner or how much I miss my husband. You're welcome.
However, this week has been quite blog-worthy. We spent the last few days with my parents and as always, had a lot of fun that ended all too quickly. We were sad to see them go but so thankful that we had a few days with them.
For some reason, a good night's sleep is something I vaugly remember and I am exhausted and unmotivated right now. The kids are sleeping great - I blame my insomnia on Steve. I'm just not sleeping well without him. So, in light of my general inability to form more than these few sentences, the rest of this post will be pictures of our week with minmal commentary, posted just for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.

Wednesday: Squadron Playdate to May Farms with special guest: Grammy!

Jack just loved that "hay" ride, as you can see by the pure joy on his little face. He was much happier when we got into the air conditioned car with some snacks.

Chilling at Aunt Holly's House

Nolan being a little Ham

At The Grace Museum

Jack wanted that ball so badly!

Steven and Grampy put on quite a play at The Grace

Jack has become quite the stander in recent weeks.

A surprise early birthday party for Dad!

Dad and two of his three girls

The obligatory Grammy and Grampy with all the Grandkids picture

And now you're all caught up!