June 1, 2010

Quick Update

Edited to add: My Aunt posted almost 200 pictures of all of us here in Florida and lots of great wedding pictures. I posted it to my facebook profile, if you want to check out her album!

We've been going, going, going non stop this week. We're still in Florida until Wednesday but I thought I'd take a second to share some pictures. They're on facebook, HERE. I didn't get many of Cara on her wedding day but she was beautiful. And I will share more as they come in from everyone else's cameras. The wedding was perfect and it was a wonderful day for all of us. We've been at the beach every day. The kids are having a blast. We are sad to be leaving tomorrow. Back to life as normal all too soon. A few fun things:
*Steven, Gabby and Jack LOVE the beach. They love the water, they love the sand, they love to splash and dig and run and picnic. They've loved it all. It has been so fun to watch.
*Gabby and Steven made it successfully down the aisle at Cara's wedding as ring-bearer and flower girl, even if Gabby REFUSED to throw the petals on the floor. She was not convinced that it was okay to make a mess.
*Gabby and Steven danced at the wedding reception as if their lives depended on it. We had to drag them off the dance floor a few times to keep them from getting stepped on during fast dances.
*Steve and I both have very red backs.
*Don't ever order a wedding cake from the grocery store chain, Publix. It was the only part of Cara's gorgeous wedding that didn't work out like it was supposed to.
*We went to see Steve's Aunt Elli today. It was good to see her and to let her see the kids. But it was quite sad. Her health is quite poor and it was hard to sit with her and not just feel sad.
*Gabby was terrified of my parents' dog for the first day or two we were here. She has now become quite fond of Brinkley. It's a big step. We're very proud of her.
*My kids are brown as little berries. They are so tan! And I'm pretty jealous. This redhead does not tan.
*Time to go do laundry and start collecting all our stuff that is now spread over my parents' house and pack it up. Boo!

...and now you're all caught up!

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The Muellers said...

I was excited to see a new entry in my google reader, leah! So glad you all are having such a good time and the kids are enjoying the beach. Did anyone get video of Gabby and Steven cutting it up on the dancefloor? That must have been precious. And TOO CUTE that Gabby didn't want to make a mess with the flour petals- I love it!

Too bad about Cara's Cake... gosh I hope it wasn't too much of a mess-up because I could see how that would put adamper on agirl'sday.

Hope you enjoy the rest of your time in Florida. Love to your parents for me. :)