June 27, 2010

Playtime is So Much Fun

Steven and Gabby are, thankfully, very good playmates. They play together all day, every day. This week, I've been tracking some of the things they've done together. Here are few:

* One afternoon, I found them sitting around the living room ottoman, Gabby's tin dish set around their "table," pretending to enjoy a meal together. I asked them what they were eating and Gabby announced, "I made CHEESE!!! It's Hot!!" Apparently, in her wildest imagination, Gabby prepares hot cheese for her family to eat.

* They had a Go Fish card deck out and spread all over the floor in the kitchen. I asked them if they would like me to play Go Fish with them. Steven replied, "No, we're actually playing Go Shark." I listened as he asked Gabby if she had any 49s, to which she replied, "Go Shark." Then she laid a card down and Steven announced he had won.

* Jack often plays in their room with them and the other day, they came out of their room without him. When I asked where he was, Steven said, "Jack's in the dog house. He's our dog." As it turns out, that's code for, "We shut him in the closet."

* While the little ones were napping the other day, I asked Steven if he'd like to work on an activity book. He told me, "I'd brather play a computer game." He speaks so seriously and seems so knowledgeable sometimes, that it's funny to hear him mispronounce a word.

*This video was taken this evening as they played together. Their favorite game is "Family" where Steven is Steve, Gabby is me and they have three kids named Steven, Gabby and Jack-Jack. Today, they relived the birth of Jack.

(I feel like Jack is naked all the time on this blog - he does have naked time almost every night after his bath...so that's why)

*After Gabby gave birth, she pretended to sleep on the couch for about 30 minutes while her baby slept in a Rubbermaid bin that actually looks a lot like the bassinets at the hospital. Gabby told me that she had to sleep because when the baby comes out, the mommy has to sleep a lot. Huh, I thought it was the opposite - but she knows...apparently.

And now you're all caught up!


Anonymous said...

the kids are hjlarious, they cheer my gloomy day. i just love them

The Kopers said...

They're reenactment was pretty accurate! They're so funny...and Steven always has the longest, off the wall explanations for their games!

Cara Joy said...

How sweet and well thought-out. The store in Gabby's belly must have been full of sticky stuff. hahahaha

Ali said...

They are too funny!

Shaunna said...

Laughing so hard at Gabby's "painful" labor and delivery! Too funny!

The Muellers said...

You know, Leah, based on this video here, Im thinking you were a tad dishonest with our Jack birthstory. I dont recall you telling us about getting Jack from a store conveniently located under your shirt... I wasnt even aware tht was an option and will look into that for my next labor and delivery.

I read the post outloud to Selah (I just read stuff out loud to her so she can hear my voice) and I laughed through so much of it. Great pos, thanks for sharing your cute cute kids with us. :)

Laura said...

your children crack me up!

sue anne marsh said...

Our Grandchildren are Hilarious!!! I'm certainly glad Steven (aka Steve) turned into a doctor and got all the sticky stuff off from the store !!!