June 7, 2010

First Word and Last Monday

Jack and His Da-da

Jack has said his first word. I have very strict rules about what constitutes a first word. And Jack's "Da-da" has passed the test. It is going in the record book as his official first word. He has been saying, Da-da, Ma-ma-ma, ba-ba-ba. etc. for a few weeks, but never in any context. They were just the random babblings of an 11-month-old (or 4-month-old if your information is coming from Gabby). But in the last few days, we've seen more than once that Jack's little face will light up at the sight of his Da-da and he'll call out, "Da-da!" It is the sweetest thing. He's a big fan of his Da-da. I just hope he'll remain a fan over the next few months.

Today is our last Monday with Jack's Da-da for a long time. All too soon, Steve will leave our home with green bags full of tan-colored uniforms and not much else. He will be too far away for too long. I already miss him. My chest hurts and my eyes sting when I think of his absence. Please pray for us next week. Pray for Steve and his safety. Pray for me and the kids; that we'll be strong, and please pray that the time will pass quickly for all of us. Pray that we are able to maintain good communication. Pray that the goodbye doesn't hurt as much as I fear.

Tomorrow we are running away. We are going to Sea World. We will play and laugh and spend time together and be happy. We'll save the sadness for another day. Soon we won't be able to run from it.


* Tyly * said...

Oh Leah, I'm so sorry! Cherish the time you have until he comes home safe and sound. I'll say a prayer for you guys!

Shaunna said...

PRAYING!! My heart hurts for you! You and the kids will have to come hang out in Coleman sometime while he is gone-Let's plan on it!! Love you!!

The Muellers said...


Anonymous said...

My Lovely Lee Lee~

I love you sooo much and I commit myself to pray for Steve, you, Steven, Gabby and Jack. I know God hears and He cares and He captures every tear in His hands. He gives strength beyond what we can imagine and power to do things we think are incapable of doing. My prayer is the moments go fast until you are reunited and God will reveal Himself to you in ways you can't imagine. I love you all so very much...One of the moments that has been so comforting to me in bringing me to a sweet place of surrender is holding your hand on the beach ...and knowing that we are both going to be okay...I love you!!

Aunt Sheila

Anonymous said...

as I read your blog my heart hurt,I know exactly what your're feeling because I am feeling it right now. my first thouht was I fear for what might happen but somehow, I was reminded that someone will be with my son and his family at all time.we have to have faith in him..I will be praying every minute for steve's safety and for you to be strong while he is away..I will pray that GOD will send an army of angels to watch and protect steve, you and the kids and every one who will be going with steve..I love you all !! may GOD bless each and every one of you!! Mom K

Cara Joy said...

I had a feeling da-da would stick. I'm proud of little Jack. I'm so sorry for you guys. I know God has made you so strong for a reason. Love you all.

The Muellers said...

Leah, thanks for the note over at the blog and thats too bad about your milk! Praying you will find a solution for Jack... I hear some kids go right to sippy cups but Im not sure he's old enough for that yet... Its not so much that I might n ever try giving hre a bottle at somepoint (although Im not sure I will) but more when people keep asking you if you are yet like you're doing something wrong or foolish if you don't. Im sure you know what I mean, every new mom gets that stuff. :)

Praying for you guys for sure today, cousin.