April 7, 2010

If you could see inside my head....

Here's what I've been thinking about today.

I read THIS article and it made me think that if I took a picture of everything I ate and posted it online for others to see, I'd probably eat a lot better. I'd be embarrassed to post the 15 or so pictures I would have taken today of little foil-wrapped Easter chocolates.

I don't think I trust THIS stuff. I don't know why. I try to work in as much natural and real food into our diets as I can without making a big taste sacrifice. I tried diet soda made with this "natural calorie free sweetener" but it tastes just like the fake stuff and I just don't know if I really believe that it is natural. If it is, then that must be better than the stuff made in a lab, right? Or is it? I don't know what to think.

Gabby cried when she cut her thumb in a fall today. She cried even harder when I tried to put a band-aid on it. Is she the only two-year-old IN THE WHOLE WORLD that doesn't like band-aids? I've never heard of such a thing.

THESE things are AMAZING. I have a tummy that has carried three children and hasn't seen a sit-up in a LONG time. It is not pretty. It looks pretty in these. I bought some to wear under my bridesmaid dress in May (for Cara's wedding). I'm not ashamed. Although, I should be. It would've been so much better to just do the sit-ups, right?

Jack does this crazy rolling-his-eyes-back-and-shaking-his-head-back-and-forth-all-crazy thing lately and it CRACKS. ME. UP. I love when he does it and I think I spend half my day trying to get him to do it just so I can laugh at how funny he looks. I will try to capture it on video so you can all share in my laughter.

We called the school district today and were informed that Steven is not eligible to start kindergarten this fall. He misses the age requirement by 2 days. We were kind of disappointed. He is beyond ready academically and socially. He is getting bored at home. Not to mention, it would be kind of nice to have only 2 kids at home during the day. I would actually be able to pick back up on a hobby or two, or read a book, or paint my toenails, or do any number of other things that I have not done since having three kids at home with me. But one more year with him at home, means one extra year of having him at home before he goes off to college. I'm sure that when that year comes, I'll be glad I have it.

You know how people who don't know you that well always get you body wash/lotion as a gift? I don't think I've purchased body wash or lotion for myself in over a year because I've been living on my gift-supply. But this week I ran out of body wash and I've been using Steve's. I smell like a man. I guess it's time to go buy some. I don't think I'll EVER run out of lotion, though. EVER.

I feel like I should end with some pictures....but that would take too much work. Maybe next time.

And now you're all caught up (on pointless dibble, but caught up nonetheless)!


Cara Joy said...

There is no such thing as a Guarani Indian! And the name sounds an awful lot like Guarana, which is a caffeine addative in energy drinks. Nice Assests...I had to :-)

Shaunna said...

A few things...

1. I would totally be embarrased if I had to take pictures of all I eat and post them for everyone to see too! (Mortified might be a better way to describe how I would feel!!)

2. I have been wanting to buy a pair of SPANX for FOREVER!! Everyone in Hollywood swears by them...And I would totally wear them under everything...Jeans, skirts, etc. (I'm sure Blake would be so excited...Sexy is one thing Spanx are not!! lol!)

3.That does stink that Steven missed the school cut off date by 2days!! I think he is more than ready to start Kindergarten! Have you and Steve thought about putting him in Head Start?? I used to volunteer at the Head Start in Sterling City, and it is pretty much just like Kindergarten (Not day care at all!) They have structured cirriculum and lessons, and it's amazing how much those little kids learn!!

Okay...Longest comment ever! Sorry!! :)