April 22, 2010


In the sweet, fragrant scent, we basked in the sun,

Somehow the view made playing more fun,

Bluebonnets spring from the ground all around,

In the great state of Texas, such scenes abound,

The children jumped, they ran and they played,

In the soft, warm breeze, the wild flowers swayed,

We wished we could stay until the day was done,

But we were trespassing on someone’s land – and they might have a gun!


Armchair Housewife said...

Beautiful! And so cute at the end, too. Gorgeous photos, very special indeed. :)

Shaunna said...

Love the pictures...Love the poem! Too cute!

And when did Jack become a grown up little blonde man??!! He looks so BIG and so BLONDE!!

The Kopers said...

The pictures are beautiful, and I love the poem! You're so talented!

Cara Joy said...

Jack's eyes are the same color as the bluebonnets! Haha, I can see a cowboy all mad-"Git yer kids outta my bluebonnets!"

sue anne marsh said...

And to think that stinkin' obama wants to take away our guns...love the poem, and especially love the children in the pictures and in particularly I love their Mama who is so talented.