April 27, 2010

Filipino Family Fun

This weekend, we had a pleasure of having Steve's Mom and his Aunt Noemi out to visit us from New Jersey. To say we had fun would be an understatement. We had such a good time with them. We didn't do anything special, just ate a lot of delicious meals, played a lot of family games and spent a lot of time playing with the kids. The kids made out like bandits while their Grandma and Aunt Noemi were here. They got a lot of new toys and clothes and didn't mind one bit!

On their last day, we went out for family photos in the Bluebonnets.

Here is Mom Koper with her two sons and their families.
(Jack's face is blocked by a big bluebonnet!)

Aunt Noemi and Mom Koper by the fire.
We made S'mores in the backyard that night.

Me and Steve by the fire.

Aunt Noemi with Jack-Jack.

Steven and his Grandma

Nolan with his Lola

We spent Saturday afternoon at Holly and Jr's house. Gabby swam in her shorts and Steven in his underwear. Neither were fans of the big pool - still too cold. But they enjoyed Nolan's little Crab pool!

Somehow we got into a hool-a-hooping kind of mood. Everyone was hool-a-hooping by the end of the day. Here's Aunt Noemi showing us how it's done.

Nolan was sceptical of this whole crabby-pool-thing but he sure looked cute in his sun hat and speedo!

Nolan with Aunt Noemi

Gabby wanted to hold her cousin. She just loves him.

Steve and his mom

We had brunch at Cracker Barrel on Friday and Jack had some lemon. He would make this face, then go back for more. It was so cute.

Aunt Noemi with Steven

Grandma with her Grandkids

Mom and Aunt Noemi participated in one of Steve and his brother's favorite pastimes: shooting targets in the backyard with BB guns. Steven likes to pretend he's shooting, as well.

We had a great time with them and we hope they will visit again, soon. We love you, Mom and Aunt Noemi!

April 22, 2010


In the sweet, fragrant scent, we basked in the sun,

Somehow the view made playing more fun,

Bluebonnets spring from the ground all around,

In the great state of Texas, such scenes abound,

The children jumped, they ran and they played,

In the soft, warm breeze, the wild flowers swayed,

We wished we could stay until the day was done,

But we were trespassing on someone’s land – and they might have a gun!

April 20, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Thing I've Enjoyed Lately
1. Watching movies with my husband in the evenings after the kids are in bed. This past week, we've watched The Blind Side, Julie and Julia, Double Jeopardy, and 10 Things I Hate About You.
2. Watching Jack start to crawl. Oh. So. Cute.
3. A play date at my house with my sister and a few of our MOPS friends.
4. Saturday evening and almost all day Sunday at Holly and Jr's house. The guys worked on installing new lights in their kitchen while Holly and I watched the kids and HGTV.
5. Peanut Butter and chocolate chips.
6. Gabby's young honesty. She told us that Steven was being mean to her. We asked what he did. She said, "I smacked him. In his face. With my shoe." She hasn't grasped this whole tattling on someone and lying thing, yet. Thankfully.
7. Steven misusing the words "Similar" and "Familiar." I didn't correct him - I just enjoyed listening to him talk.
8. Going to WalMart by myself while Holly watched the kids. I never knew WalMart could be so blissful.
9. Rearranging the kids' bedroom and then sitting in it for a long time, admiring it's cuteness.
10. Deep, spiritual conversations with Steve as we sat on the couch with 3 different versions of the Bible open to the same passage, discussing our thoughts.

April 15, 2010

Creative Discipline

Today, Gabby and Steven got in trouble for fighting. To help them learn to get along, their punishment was to sit in the tiny corner between the armchair and bookshelf in my bedroom. They had to face each other and hold hands. I didn't let them out until all the "Steven's squishing me!" and "Gabby's not holding my hand right!" had stopped. It was kind of funny. But it seemed to help.

I hope that as they grow, the will get along better. I feel like they won't fight that much as they get older since they are brother and sister. I would think they would fight more if they were both boys or both girls. I could be wrong. I only had sisters. Did anyone grow up with a brother close in age? Was the rivalry comparable to that of 2 sisters or 2 brothers this close in age? I felt (at one point) that Steven and Jack won't fight like 2 brothers as they grow, since there is such a big age gap between them. They are almost 4 years apart. But then I am reminded of a story Steve and his brother tell. It involves Steve chasing his brother, 4 years older than him, around the house with a butter knife....TRYING. TO. STAB. HIM. So, maybe the 4 year age gap won't help that much. Oh well, at least there were no weapons involved, today.

April 8, 2010


A few weeks ago, we bought Gabby her first "Big Girl Bike." She loves it.

*I was not home when this was recorded. This is how Gabby looks when her dad gets her ready. I usually do her hair and dress her a little cuter. Really.
*Her bell sounds HORRIBLY annoying in the video. I apologize.
*That is a wooden ramp in the street. It's for Steven to "get air" on his bike.
*In case you couldn't tell, "I don't know" is her answer to EVERYTHING.
*What a cutie!

Last night at the dinner table, I captured Jack's head shaking (as mentioned in my previous post). It may just be me - but it cracks me up.

* That's Pizza he's chowing on.
*That is Steven, Gabby and me you can hear laughing.
* I love that Steven always says things like, "Mommy wants to get a good picture of you -LaLaLaLa!" to him. So sweet.

And now you're all caught up!

April 7, 2010

If you could see inside my head....

Here's what I've been thinking about today.

I read THIS article and it made me think that if I took a picture of everything I ate and posted it online for others to see, I'd probably eat a lot better. I'd be embarrassed to post the 15 or so pictures I would have taken today of little foil-wrapped Easter chocolates.

I don't think I trust THIS stuff. I don't know why. I try to work in as much natural and real food into our diets as I can without making a big taste sacrifice. I tried diet soda made with this "natural calorie free sweetener" but it tastes just like the fake stuff and I just don't know if I really believe that it is natural. If it is, then that must be better than the stuff made in a lab, right? Or is it? I don't know what to think.

Gabby cried when she cut her thumb in a fall today. She cried even harder when I tried to put a band-aid on it. Is she the only two-year-old IN THE WHOLE WORLD that doesn't like band-aids? I've never heard of such a thing.

THESE things are AMAZING. I have a tummy that has carried three children and hasn't seen a sit-up in a LONG time. It is not pretty. It looks pretty in these. I bought some to wear under my bridesmaid dress in May (for Cara's wedding). I'm not ashamed. Although, I should be. It would've been so much better to just do the sit-ups, right?

Jack does this crazy rolling-his-eyes-back-and-shaking-his-head-back-and-forth-all-crazy thing lately and it CRACKS. ME. UP. I love when he does it and I think I spend half my day trying to get him to do it just so I can laugh at how funny he looks. I will try to capture it on video so you can all share in my laughter.

We called the school district today and were informed that Steven is not eligible to start kindergarten this fall. He misses the age requirement by 2 days. We were kind of disappointed. He is beyond ready academically and socially. He is getting bored at home. Not to mention, it would be kind of nice to have only 2 kids at home during the day. I would actually be able to pick back up on a hobby or two, or read a book, or paint my toenails, or do any number of other things that I have not done since having three kids at home with me. But one more year with him at home, means one extra year of having him at home before he goes off to college. I'm sure that when that year comes, I'll be glad I have it.

You know how people who don't know you that well always get you body wash/lotion as a gift? I don't think I've purchased body wash or lotion for myself in over a year because I've been living on my gift-supply. But this week I ran out of body wash and I've been using Steve's. I smell like a man. I guess it's time to go buy some. I don't think I'll EVER run out of lotion, though. EVER.

I feel like I should end with some pictures....but that would take too much work. Maybe next time.

And now you're all caught up (on pointless dibble, but caught up nonetheless)!