March 6, 2010

Bath Time Fun

Jack has recently discovered

that there is nothing more fun

than splashing.

And when Mommy puts a washcloth on his head,

all he knows is that it is up,

and that it makes him happy.


The Kopers said...

Great pics of Jack-Jack! I love how he's looking up for his washcloth.

sue anne marsh said...

Great pictures of our sweet little Jack-Jack Lee. The narration reads like a sweet little storybook for kids. I love you.

Armchair Housewife said...

That last photo is especially beautiful and special, Leah. You're quite the photographer, you know. :)

Cara Joy said...

he is so stunning with those eyelashes and I agree that you captured a very sweet expression on his face in the last one.

Shaunna said...

New post! New post! New post!! ;)