February 20, 2010

Diary of a Soccer Mom

Today, Steven Ray had his very first soccer game. The Zebras successfully defeated the Cyclones in a nail biting show of relentless force and amazing athleticism. Just kidding. Score is not kept (much to the disapointment of Steve) and everyone was a winner. The ball was picked up and tossed into the goal more than once and many players tried to score on their own goal. It was quite entertaining.
Steven really impressed me on the soccer field, though. He really tried hard. He ran hard, fell hard, and kicked hard. He was aggressive at trying to get the ball and not afraid to go elbow to elbow with whomever had the ball to try to get it. His little tongue was out for about 90% of the game. So, I KNOW he was concentrating hard. And he had fun. Oh, he is so cute and I just can't believe how big he is. How do I have a child old enough to play soccer?

Here he is right before the game. That is pure determination on his face. Either that or a hurry up and take the picture, Mom so I can go practice with my friends look. Who knows.

Here he is running full-tilt

Here's one of him in action.

I was a proud, picture-taking, cheering, yelling, side-line Mom today, and will be every Saturday though April. Gooooo Zebras!

February 10, 2010


In our house, Super Bowl Sunday is a big holiday. In fact it is Steve's favorite holiday of the year. For three years in a row now, our good friends, Dan and Julia Sheppard have joined us for this festive time. Dan and Steve cook meat. Julia and I make and (and consume mass amounts of) dessert, and the kids (all 7 of them, now) run and play and scream and yell and have a blast. We had a great weekend with them and we're just so blessed to have them as friends.
Wendy, Steven, Heidi and Gabby watching cartoons in Steven's bed

We single handedly brought down the value of our neighborhood with this redneck display on Sunday afternoon. That's a smoker in our front yard, covered to protect it from the rain.

Dan, Steve and Jr. checking out the Super Bowl Meat-fest

2 13-pound turkeys, a bunch of sausage and some jalapeno poppers. Doesn't get any better than that.

Watching the game

Nolan and Jack. They were both thrilled with their first Super Bowl experience.

These two have known eachother since before they remember. It is so fun to watch them grow together.

All the Sheppard and Koper kids:
Heidi, Jack, Gabby, Wendy, Mary Lou, Steven and Frank

I think Julia and I decided that Wendy and Steven, Gabby and Frank and Jack and Mary Lou could all get married one day and we'd be okay with that :-)

This week, I officially became a soccer mom. Steven had his first soccer practice on Monday evening. There are quite a few kids on his team and his coach is really good looking. Oh, and he's my husband ;-)

Steve and the little soccer kids

Steve and Steven

Our first game is in a week-and-a-half. Go Zebras!

Today Jack wore the overalls for the first time. I know. The overalls. They are a pair of Old Navy overalls that Holly and Jr got for Steven years and years ago. They are my all time, hands down, complete and absolute FAVORITE item of baby clothing. Ever.

Steven Ray - April 2006

Gabby Girl - September 2008
(She had a ball stuffed down the front of the overalls)

Jack-Jack - February 2010

And now you're all caught up!

February 2, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Silly Things I Love Right Now
1. I love this new dust mop. I wipe the floors up at least 3 times a day. Sometimes they're not even dirty. I just think it's fun to use. And the little fluffy head comes off and goes in the washer. WAY better than a silly Swiffer Sweeper. And perfect for the next thing on my list.

2. I love our new floors. Steve and I FINALLY (finally!!!) finished installing our new floors this last week. It was an INSANE project! Tearing up the tile and the horrible thin-set under the tile was a mess. An awful, horrible mess. And putting up the trim along the floor boards and doorways was tedious and time consuming but Steve did a great job and it is finally done. We now have wall-to-wall, beautiful laminate wood floors throughout the main part of the house. It cleans up so easily (with my awesome dust mop!), hides grime and crumbs so much better and just looks 100x better than the tile and carpet that really broke up the spaces.

3.I love that Jack is a sitter! He's been sitting up for a few weeks now, but has finally gotten comfortable enough now to sit and reach and lean and play. It is so fun to watch him play, and he seems really happy about it, too!

4. I love my bridesmaid dress. My sister, Cara picked a dress for the bridesmaids in her wedding. I happen to be one of those bridesmaids and I LOVE the dress, ordered it this week, and can't wait to try it on and dance around the house in it! I also love the price ($32!!!). For some reason, the picture won't save, but HERE is a link so you can admire it's cuteness, too!
5. I love the YMCA. Steve and I joined our local YMCA this month and I love it. Yesterday, I got there around 10:20 am, dropped the kids off in the nursery, hopped on the elicpical until sweat ran down my face and into my eyes, worked out my arms, back and abs on cybex machines, then changed into my swimsuit and sat blissfully still in a quiet hot tub until I thought I might fall asleep, showered, dressed for the day, picked the kids up and met Steve for lunch. It was great and I am a big fan of the Y and a HUGE fan of them having a hot tub.
6. I love when Gabby dresses herself. Gabby has developed quite the fashion sense. Or not. Most days it's backwards jeans, a T-shirt or sweater (often backwards), and a pink baseball cap (often backwards) when she dresses herself. Sunday morning, I set church clothes out for her and asked her to get dressed. A few minutes later, I walked in her room to find this.

7. I love Popeye. I am really loving Popeye the Sailor Man, right now. I recently purchased this.

Steven loves it and it features many episodes of Popeye. According to Popeye, eating spinach makes you strong. This may explain why Steven is VERY into eating as much spinach as possible right now. We finished dinner the other night and after clearing his plate he asked, "Mommy, may I have some spinach, now?" As if it were dessert. I gave him some raw baby spinach leaves, which he ate. Plain. (Yuck.) And a few days ago, he made himself this sandwhich.
That would be a peanut butter, spinach and Nutella sandwhich. Yum.

8. I love that I can find stuff. I can't find our GPS. But it's good. I actually love it. I rely on it way too much and I have found that I am perfectly capable of getting everywhere I want to go without it. It's official - I live in Abilene and I know where stuff is. It's a good feeling. I hate being new to an area where nothing is familiar but now, I am a true Abilene resident. Need to go to Walmart? I can get you there. The other Walmart? Check. The hospital? Sure. Sonic? Which one - I can get you to a few. Our new church? Done. HEB? Uhhhh.... well, I can get almost anywhere.
9. Tonight. Yes, tonight (!!!) the final season of Lost starts. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! That's me squealing in antisipatory delight! Who will Kate end up with? What did the bomb do? Is Juliet really dead? Because she was alive when the bomb went off - like every one else? So many more questions, all answered over the next few months. And in case I might miss an episode, my final point:
10. DVR. For the first time in my life, I have DVRing capabilites and I am liking it. I am excited to watch the first episode of 19 Kids and Counting from Sunday night, later today.. And it allowed us to be watching The Bourne Identity (one of my all-time favorites!) on USA the other night and pause it when I had to go put Jack to bed. It made me happy. Because frankly, missing a moment of Matt Damon as Jason Bourne, would make me sad.

So, on that note, I'm going to go dust mop my new floors while Jack sits on the floor watching me, try to convince Gabby to turn her backwards clothes around, check the mail to see if my dress is here yet, feel the pain (really...pain!) in my abs and arms from yesterday, watch some Popeye, drive to the store without the GPS to buy more spinach, watch some DVRed TV while the little ones are napping and get ready for Lost, tonight!

And now you're all caught up!