January 14, 2010

Two New Do's!

Jack recieved his first hair cut a few days ago. He looks so much older without his crazy mohawk. What you don't see in the before picture of him was the little mini-mullet that was growing down the back of his neck, and the long wisps that came out over each ear. His hair was just growing in such a crazy way, I had to give him a fresh start and cut it all short so it can grown in a little nicer. Here's the Before

And After!
As you can see, he's thrilled with his new look.
Actually, he looks so happy because he is now eating solid foods!
See? That's peas on his forehead. He isn't the best eater, but he's starting to figure it out.

I also cut my hair, recently. Yes, I did it myself. I learned a technique HERE and just went for it.Here's what mine looked like before.

And the After! (Oh, and a few days after I cut it, I went and got some highlights put in - so notice the new color, too!)

So, Jack and I are sporting very different looks, now and we're both quite happy with them!


* Tyly * said...

You and Jack look great!!!!

* Tyly * said...

You are a brave woman to cut your own hair, but you did a fabulous job! Your hair is so pretty.

I think I am leaning towards delaying the Vegas wedding. Especially after a real-life wife and mommy says first hand she wishes she had a similar opportunity. I'm sure I'll feel the same a few years down the road! Thanks for the help.

Kelly Sellers said...

cute, cute on the new do's! :) congrats on eating solids, ha.

Shaunna said...

Leah, your hair looks great! Love the cut and the highlights! Makes me want to go get mine highlighted really bad!!

Slade said...

um...wow!! what a hottie!

Cara Joy said...

I agree with Slade.But who is Slade, and why is he calling you a hottie? haha

sue anne marsh said...

Lee I love the short hair and high lights your eyes look so beautiful as for Jack-Jack he looks like a big boy and so adorable <3 Love you Lee