December 3, 2009

Are these "Oldies" Yet? We can't be that old.

I have a Pandora station called Leah's Station. Creative, I know. But it's awesome. I've been mastering it for over a year. If you're not familiar with Pandora - it's a "radio station" website that makes a station to your specific taste - based on artists that you input, songs that you give a thumbs up and thumbs down to and it is pretty much wonderful. I listen to it almost daily. Any time I'm doing housework, it's on. The kids and I dance to it. I'm constantly "tweeking" it and here are some of my FAVORITE songs from my station - these are songs that make me beyond happy when they come on my station. For some reason the songs that make me the happiest, are all pretty old. I know one day my kids will complain and roll their eyes when I want to listen to these old songs.
1. Let Her Cry - Hootie and the Blowfish. This song gives me goosebumps every time. I love it.
2. The Freshman - The Verve Pipe. This song takes me back. High school freshmen year. Awww, memories.
3. A Long December, Mr. Jones, and Hanginaround - Counting Crows. I just love these songs
(Are you noticing the late 90s pattern to my little list, here?)
4. Two Princes - The Spin Doctors. Remember this one? I do. It feels so happy.
5. Yellow Ledbetter - Pearl Jam. What did he say? It doesn't matter. I still sing along to all the mumbling.
Just wanted so share. Go listen to them all and if you're even near my age, you'll remember them all and they will make you happy, too :)


Shaunna said...

Those songs can most certainly NOT be oldies, because we are NOT that old! ;]

I LOOVEE Pandora!!

Cara Joy said...

For the longest time (at age 14) Let Her Cry was the only song I knew how to play on my guitar. I LOVE that song.

Diane (and Baby Taylor) said...

Ah! The Freshman! Good times! So I listen to a "Classics" Hip Hop station in Phoenix, and I get pretty upset that these songs are considered "old school":
-Big Pimpin by Jay Z
-Are You that Somebody by Aaliyah
-What's Your Fantasy by Ludacris

Etc, etc, etc...

I too have a Pandora station and jam out to it as well! I still think Buy You a New Life by Everclear is my favorite! :o)