November 16, 2009

Within 2 months, all three of the Koper kids were due for check-ups. Steven for his 4-year, Gabby for her 24-month, and Jack for his 4-month. Today was the day that we got to the clinic to make sure everyone was healthy.

Here are the stats:
3 feet, 4.83 inches; 59th percentile
36.16 pounds, 52nd percentile
(he was always so small as a baby - like under the 10th percentile for weight - but now he's about as average as it gets!)


2ft, 11.75 inches tall (JUST shy of 3 feet!) 90th percentile

28.44 pounds, 71st percentile


2 feet, 1.79 inches (I saw him get measured and it didn't look very accurate - I think he's a little longer than this) 67th percentile

15.65 pounds, 53rd percentile

The nurse asked Steven to sing the ABC's, which he did proudly. Gabby cried when asked to stand on the scale, when she had her ears checked and pretty much when any other attention was paid to her. But after receiving stickers and a book, she was singing a different tune. Jack was more than happy to be poked and prodded at. He was all smiles until the dreaded immunizations came around. Steven and Jack both received several shots in the thighs. Steven was quite the trooper. He knew it was coming and that it would hurt but he sat up there like a big guy and we didn't have to hold him down or anything. He cried during the shots but stopped quickly afterwards. Jack screamed his little head off and has been quite fussy most of the day. Poor baby.
You may have noticed that Gabby has a new hairdo in the picture. This weekend, we took her to get it cut to all one length. She's never had the length cut and her hair grows VERY slowly (like her mother's) and it has several different lengths in it. Now it can all grow out at one length and be beautiful!


(this was taken by Steve after he fed her brownies for lunch one day while I was out)


(I know the color is really bad - but you get the idea of how cute the new cut is!)

And Steven got a haircut, yesterday. I was trying to grow his hair out but Steve just didn't like it long anymore, so he took him for a haircut. I must admit, it looks really good cut short!

(it was ALMOST as long as I wanted it to get - I think we'd been letting it grow for about 3 months)

(with his little military haircut looking so cute!)
And now you're all caught up!


Shaunna said...

I really love Gabby & Steven's new haircuts!! Addi's hair is so many different lengths too...Can't wait for the day when it's long enough to get cut in one length!!

PS- Addi weighed 15 pounds at 9 months!! Sounds like your little Jack-Jack is a good eater:]

Sara-Jo said...

I love Gabby's haircut! We just got Savannah's haircut like that too! Glad they're all doing so well!