November 5, 2009

Dancing Machines

This first video is from several weeks ago, when we were in Little Rock with Steve. Gabby's dancing is pretty boring, but hold out for Steven's cameo at the end. It cracks me up.

This second video, I took just this morning. The kids requested their favorite YouTube video so they could dance to it.

This last one is Gabby explaining her dancing....and Jack starting to fuss in the background.

And just so he's not left out. Here's some Jack-Jack.


Laura said...

First off...Gabby's dancing is NOT boring. Second...Steven is a ball FULL of energy!
Third...I love how Jack is just snoozing away with all the craziness in the first one.

Precious kids.

Shaunna said...

"I'm shakin' my booty." I LOOOVVEEE it!! How funny!!

Addi is quite the dancer too...Her favorite youtube video to dance to is "Down By the Bay." We might have to give "Ting Tang Walla Walla Bing Bang" a try though...It's got such a good beat...I'm sure Adds will love it;] ha!

The Kopers said...

I see Steven break dancing one day!

Grampy said...

I see Gabby inherited Grampy's dancing foot work. I can't wait the dance with at Christmas! Love, dad

sue anne marsh said...

Grampy is gearing up for a dance off in your living room Lee get ready!!!