November 30, 2009

5 Months of Jack-Jack

Jack is 5 months old, today!
I can't believe how fast the time has gone. It seems to go faster with each child. I remember his birth day like it was yesterday and somehow today, he is 5 months old. Here are some things about our sweet Jack-Jack.
*He has quite the list of nick-names. He is Jack-Jack, Jack-attack, Jack-o-lantern, Jack-Jack-the-snack-pack, Jack-a-lacka-tick-tack....I think we call him something different every day!
*He wakes up every morning with a smile on his face. I'm not kidding. He is smiling when he wakes up. Every day. It's kind of weird.
*He sleeps 10-12 hours straight at night.
*He usually has one long nap (3-4 hours) in the late morning-early afternoon and one shorter, nap (an hour or so) in the evening.
*He still nurses exclusively and usually nurses every 4 hours or so during the day.
*He rolls over from tummy to back often and from back to tummy once in a while.
*He loves to sit in the exasaucer and watch his big brother and sister run around.
*He enjoys holding his toys and licking them.
*I have to keep a bib on him most days if I don't want to change his shirt multiple times - he's a big-time drooler.
*He is the happiest baby I have ever known. He is always smiling.
*He likes to hear his voice. He has recently decided that loud squeals and yelps are very fun to make. It's cute for a few minutes then Steve and I find ourselves asking him to be quiet.
*He is content just to sit and watch everything and everyone moving around him and he loves to see himself in the mirror.
*Jack is a wonderful baby and a blessing to our family.

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5 months

November 27, 2009

Four Facts for Friday

1. Forgot to photograph yesterday's Thanksgiving feast and festivities with the family. It was a fabulous day with fantastic food and lots of family fun. Including a super-fun game called ImaginIff!
2. Fought Black Friday crowds at Kohl's. Spent a little money on a lot of fashion. For me.
3. Feeling fat from all the food. The fridge is full and so am I.
4. Finished Christmas shopping two days ago. Almost. Only a few more items need to be found but mostly done. Did it without the kids and did it fast.


November 16, 2009

Within 2 months, all three of the Koper kids were due for check-ups. Steven for his 4-year, Gabby for her 24-month, and Jack for his 4-month. Today was the day that we got to the clinic to make sure everyone was healthy.

Here are the stats:
3 feet, 4.83 inches; 59th percentile
36.16 pounds, 52nd percentile
(he was always so small as a baby - like under the 10th percentile for weight - but now he's about as average as it gets!)


2ft, 11.75 inches tall (JUST shy of 3 feet!) 90th percentile

28.44 pounds, 71st percentile


2 feet, 1.79 inches (I saw him get measured and it didn't look very accurate - I think he's a little longer than this) 67th percentile

15.65 pounds, 53rd percentile

The nurse asked Steven to sing the ABC's, which he did proudly. Gabby cried when asked to stand on the scale, when she had her ears checked and pretty much when any other attention was paid to her. But after receiving stickers and a book, she was singing a different tune. Jack was more than happy to be poked and prodded at. He was all smiles until the dreaded immunizations came around. Steven and Jack both received several shots in the thighs. Steven was quite the trooper. He knew it was coming and that it would hurt but he sat up there like a big guy and we didn't have to hold him down or anything. He cried during the shots but stopped quickly afterwards. Jack screamed his little head off and has been quite fussy most of the day. Poor baby.
You may have noticed that Gabby has a new hairdo in the picture. This weekend, we took her to get it cut to all one length. She's never had the length cut and her hair grows VERY slowly (like her mother's) and it has several different lengths in it. Now it can all grow out at one length and be beautiful!


(this was taken by Steve after he fed her brownies for lunch one day while I was out)


(I know the color is really bad - but you get the idea of how cute the new cut is!)

And Steven got a haircut, yesterday. I was trying to grow his hair out but Steve just didn't like it long anymore, so he took him for a haircut. I must admit, it looks really good cut short!

(it was ALMOST as long as I wanted it to get - I think we'd been letting it grow for about 3 months)

(with his little military haircut looking so cute!)
And now you're all caught up!

November 10, 2009

Congratulations Kyle and Cara!

My youngest sister Cara got engaged tonight. I am so happy for her and Kyle. Be sure to go by her blog HERE and congratulate her.

Congratulations Cara and Kyle! We love you guys!

November 9, 2009

The Holstein's and a Job Well Done

We spent a wonderful weekend with our good friends, Dennis and Steffi. They are from Germany and came all the way to Texas just to see us! (Okay, not really - but they did come all the way to Abilene just to see us!)

Steve and Dennis going for a MotorBike Ride

Steffi and Gabs at the zoo

BBQ in our backyard.

Note Steven and Gabby's outfits. The Halloween costumes have remained quite popular - Gabby's is joined by a motorcycle helmet :)

We wish Dennis and Steffi live at least a little closer so we could get together more often. We had a great time catching up, learning a little German, eating a lot of food, and just spending time with them. Thanks so much for coming up to see us, guys!


Steve has just finished the biggest project we have planned for our new home. With the generous help of his knowledgeable brother, as well as some much needed assistance from his dad, we went from this:

To this:

I feel like the pictures don't even do it justice. I have SO much more storage and counter space, now. The kitchen is much better lit - they removed the florescent light, hung the 3-light pendant and installed 4 pot-lights. They ran electricity from behind the fridge, dug a trench in the slab under the tiles to lay the wiring to the new island so I can have power for appliances. It was SO MUCH WORK. But well worth every hour. This kitchen went from okay to amazing! Steve's been working on it for about 2 weeks straight now and I am so amazed by the work he has done.

You may notice from the pictures, however, that we are a little afraid of color. Tonight, we talked about possible painting a wall or two (gasp!). We'll see how that goes. For now, we're pretty beige but we're working on it.

And now you're all caught up!

November 5, 2009

Dancing Machines

This first video is from several weeks ago, when we were in Little Rock with Steve. Gabby's dancing is pretty boring, but hold out for Steven's cameo at the end. It cracks me up.

This second video, I took just this morning. The kids requested their favorite YouTube video so they could dance to it.

This last one is Gabby explaining her dancing....and Jack starting to fuss in the background.

And just so he's not left out. Here's some Jack-Jack.

November 4, 2009

Kopers Kids Suck

I am a big advocate for thumb sucking. Dr. Spock convinced me of it's greatness and I am all for it. Here's proof:

January 11, 2006

4-month-old Steven Ray sucking his thumb.

He sucked his thumb from about 2 months and suddenly stopped at 6 months.

January 9, 2008
3-month-old Gabby sucking her thumb.
She started around 2 months and is still a strong thumb sucker.

November 4, 2009
4-month-old Jack-Jack sucking his thumb.
He has just started sucking his, so he's a late starter compared to his brother and sister. We'll see how long it lasts. I sure love it, he just soothes himself to sleep with his little thumb. It's just so sweet.

November 2, 2009

All Hallow's Eve

Saturday night, we had fun letting the kids dress up and go door-t0-door in our neighborhood collecting candy. Steven was Spider Man and Gabby was a fairy princess. Jack was a Jack-Jack-O-Lantern. Holly, Jr and Nolan came over and joined us with Nolan as Batman. We ate homemade pizza and Holly made an apple pie. Then we ate candy. Way too much candy. we still have a ridiculous amount of candy. It's bad. But so good. We had a fun night together.

Yesterday, we went to the early service at church and were home by 9:30am and had a VERY lazy Sunday. I took a long nap (after certain children only allowed me 3 hours sleep the night before!) and when I woke up, this is what Steve and the kids were doing:

Steve has almost finished the big projects in the house so before and after pictures will be here soon!