October 13, 2009

Poor Gabby-Girl

UPDATE: Yesterday, I was able to get Gabby into the doctor at the base clinic. She said most of the swelling was pretty normal, but she was concerned about the swelling that was traveling up her arm. She prescribed her a more benedryl and a steroid for the swelling. A few doses later, and Gabby's hand is already significantly less swollen and I've even seen her use it a few times this morning. Thank you, Lord!
(Sidenote: Steven and Gabby are playing right now and out of nowhere Steven says, "Gabby, do you love me?" She says, "yeah" and they continue playing. Oh So Sweet.)

Yesterday, the kids and I went to the park with Sara and Savannah (the one with the boodaids in the previous post). Gabby had been pretty fussy all morning and had cried over EVERYTHING. So while we were there, and she started crying from across the field, I thought nothing of it. I figured she was crying over nothing, as she had been all day. I called her over to us and she walked over, crying all the while. When she finally got to us, I felt awful. She was not crying over nothing. She had ants crawling all over her right hand and they were biting her. I mean they were really going at her poor hand. I could tell right away that she had quite a few bites, but they were so new that it was hard to see how many. I kept an eye on her hand for the rest of the day, and the bites slowly started to show but they didn't seem to bother her too much.

At 2:30 this morning, Gabby woke up crying. Gabby NEVER wakes up in the night, unless she's sick. She was complaining that her hand hurt. She had so many ant bites on it, I wasn't surprised that they hurt. I was able to calm her down and get her back to bed. At 6am, she came and woke me crying that her hand hurt again. She had 15 bites on her one little hand, they were all little puss-filled spots and her whole hand was red and very swollen. She felt warm to the touch. When the base clinic opened, I called to get her an urgent care appointment. A long story short, one trip to the base clinic and several hours later, we still did not have an appointment and could not be seen. Tricare (the military's insurance company) has made me so mad, today. So, so angry. I just wanted Gabby to see a doctor, as her red, swollen, hot little hand grew bigger and bigger (despite the every four hours dose of benedryl and tylenol she's been given at home). Finally at 6pm, I decided to take her to the ER.
A little after 8pm, we left the ER. Having not been seen. After the hacking, gagging, vomiting and screaming (and I mean SCREAMING!) patients around us made me feel sick to my stomach, I decided that Gabby was not going to die or loose her hand tonight and that we can wait until morning when we can get into the clinic (or so we were told - we will see). I felt like sitting in that disgusting, crowded room we were going to catch something far worse than what we were dealing with. We are now home, showered, with all of our clothes being washed in HOT water. Gabby is sleeping with a baking soda past on her hand, covered in gauze. I am beyond frustrated with our insurance company. Poor Gabby is pretty grumpy and has a very sore hand but she's okay. As we sat in the over-crowded waiting room, the only sound at one point was my little girl singing, "ooh, eee, ooh, ahh, ahh, ting, tang, a walla-walla bing, bang" over and over again. It was so cute.
Hopefully we will get into the clinic in the morning and get her hand looked at. I just feel so bad for her. All day today, she tried to do everything only using her left hand. I will update when we find out. We took a picture of her hand this evening, but I actually don't want to even post it. It is just too gross looking. Her right hand is about twice the size of her left, and just oozing. But here's a sweet picture of her sleeping peacefully now.


Shaunna said...

Awww...Poor baby! Those ants are just terrible! (They always seem to find Addi too!!) Hope you guys get to see the doctor tomorrow! Keep us posted!

sue anne marsh said...

Oh Lee I am so sorry for Gabby-Girl. I feel your pain over tri-care. Get used to it unfortunately it is never easy. So frustrating as a parent when you need your baby to be seen. You'll have to show me the gross picture when we come at Christmas. I love you Lee <3

The Kopers said...

Poor baby:( Does your insurance not cover you to go off base to a civilian hospital?
We'll be praying for her.