October 9, 2009

Pointless Pictures

At Build-A-Bear. Not understanding the concept....

Clapping with Joy at Daddy dressing "Puppy"

Gabby just woke from one of her famous car naps - not so sure what Steven's doing

He appears to made of bread dough. Rolls and rolls of bread dough.

The only time she's ever done this - cried before I even caught her - she knew it wasn't good

Do not have bouncy seat or swing. Must improvise.

3 kids on a couch bed

Daddy and Jack watching football. It's what they do.

Jack's trying out the big bath. I think he's a fan.

Steven and Uncle Joe on Pinnacle Mountain

Making faces in the chrome
The End.


Sara-Jo said...

I know yall didn't go to Build a Bear without us! :( I hope yall had fun!

Cara Joy said...

Makes me miss the babies. Love the one of them on the couch bed! How perfect.

sue anne marsh said...

Love the build-a-bear pictures and Gabby-Girl crying with her lap full of TP. as for the not me Monday I laughed til it hurt picturing you carrying Jack around the mall "all white trashy" too funny Lee. And as for the panty liners who knew they had so multi-purpose.