October 23, 2009

OverDue Birthday Post

Gabby's birthday was a few weeks ago, but we just had her birthday party on Monday. Here are some pictures!
Blowing out the candle

Showing Uncle Joe and Aunt Holly her new dishes

Steven showing Gabby how to open the thermos he picked out for her

Uncle Joe and Aunt Holly with the babies

Opening her Cabbage Patch Doll from Grammy and Grampy

Her Rainbow Cake

(It took me HOURS to make, but it was worth it!)
I got the idea from a THIS cake on McMama's blog, although my colors are much more pastel-y and it doesn't look quite as good but still....it was a fun cake! And it was homemade cake with homemade butter cream icing and was pretty yummy as well as pretty :)
Okay, I'm done tooting my own horn, now!

Playing with her new doll.

The following pictures are of Gabby modeling a few (yes, only about half) of the clothes she got for her birthday. A big thank you goes out to Grammy and Grampy and to Grandma Koper (Lola) for sending so many of the cute clothes. Gabby is one well-dressed 2-year-old!


Cooking with her new pots and pans.
And in case you're wondering what are boys are up to, here they are!

Jack-Jack rolled over for the first time! He had his arm pinned under him like this for a while, but figured out how to get it out and propped himself up on his elbows for a while - then remembered that he's not such a fan of being on his belly and started screaming :)

We want to get Steven into soccer soon and we were watching him kick the ball around the yard. He started doing a "trick" and here it is:

And now you're all caught up!


Shaunna said...

I soooo saw that cake on MckMama's blog, and L-O-V-E-D it!! I haven't been brave enough to attempt it though. Yours turned out REALLY good!! Such a pretty and fun cake!!

Looks like Gabby had a great birthday...All of her new outfits are so cute!

Glad ya'll are back- Hope we can get together soon!!

Kami said...

Wow!! That cake looks awesome! Great Job! Gabby looks like she had a great birthday - she is so cute - time goes so quickly

sue anne marsh said...

Love the pictures and especially all Gabby-Girls model smiles <3 Oh how we miss her. Steven Ray's double kick was very impressive as for our little Jack and Nolan they appeared to be enjoying the party as well. The cake looked absolutely beautiful. Glad Gabbs had a great party. Love you lee <3