October 28, 2009

Real Quick

We've been SUPER busy this week. I will update on all our business soon! But until then:

*Gabby prayed tonight at bedtime, "Thank you, Jesus. Eat. Cereal. Steven. Mommy....Mommy, I prayed!"

* Steven and I went for a bike-ride around the block today. When we got to an intersection, I pointed out the yield sign and told him that it meant that we needed to slow down and check for cars. From then on, at every intersection Steven explained to me the idea of "the triangle sign" and that it meant that I had to slow down like him and look for cars.

*And I'm sorry, but is this not the most adorable almost 4 month-old with a crazy mohawk that you've ever seen?

And now you're (not really) all caught up!

October 23, 2009

OverDue Birthday Post

Gabby's birthday was a few weeks ago, but we just had her birthday party on Monday. Here are some pictures!
Blowing out the candle

Showing Uncle Joe and Aunt Holly her new dishes

Steven showing Gabby how to open the thermos he picked out for her

Uncle Joe and Aunt Holly with the babies

Opening her Cabbage Patch Doll from Grammy and Grampy

Her Rainbow Cake

(It took me HOURS to make, but it was worth it!)
I got the idea from a THIS cake on McMama's blog, although my colors are much more pastel-y and it doesn't look quite as good but still....it was a fun cake! And it was homemade cake with homemade butter cream icing and was pretty yummy as well as pretty :)
Okay, I'm done tooting my own horn, now!

Playing with her new doll.

The following pictures are of Gabby modeling a few (yes, only about half) of the clothes she got for her birthday. A big thank you goes out to Grammy and Grampy and to Grandma Koper (Lola) for sending so many of the cute clothes. Gabby is one well-dressed 2-year-old!


Cooking with her new pots and pans.
And in case you're wondering what are boys are up to, here they are!

Jack-Jack rolled over for the first time! He had his arm pinned under him like this for a while, but figured out how to get it out and propped himself up on his elbows for a while - then remembered that he's not such a fan of being on his belly and started screaming :)

We want to get Steven into soccer soon and we were watching him kick the ball around the yard. He started doing a "trick" and here it is:

And now you're all caught up!

October 13, 2009

Poor Gabby-Girl

UPDATE: Yesterday, I was able to get Gabby into the doctor at the base clinic. She said most of the swelling was pretty normal, but she was concerned about the swelling that was traveling up her arm. She prescribed her a more benedryl and a steroid for the swelling. A few doses later, and Gabby's hand is already significantly less swollen and I've even seen her use it a few times this morning. Thank you, Lord!
(Sidenote: Steven and Gabby are playing right now and out of nowhere Steven says, "Gabby, do you love me?" She says, "yeah" and they continue playing. Oh So Sweet.)

Yesterday, the kids and I went to the park with Sara and Savannah (the one with the boodaids in the previous post). Gabby had been pretty fussy all morning and had cried over EVERYTHING. So while we were there, and she started crying from across the field, I thought nothing of it. I figured she was crying over nothing, as she had been all day. I called her over to us and she walked over, crying all the while. When she finally got to us, I felt awful. She was not crying over nothing. She had ants crawling all over her right hand and they were biting her. I mean they were really going at her poor hand. I could tell right away that she had quite a few bites, but they were so new that it was hard to see how many. I kept an eye on her hand for the rest of the day, and the bites slowly started to show but they didn't seem to bother her too much.

At 2:30 this morning, Gabby woke up crying. Gabby NEVER wakes up in the night, unless she's sick. She was complaining that her hand hurt. She had so many ant bites on it, I wasn't surprised that they hurt. I was able to calm her down and get her back to bed. At 6am, she came and woke me crying that her hand hurt again. She had 15 bites on her one little hand, they were all little puss-filled spots and her whole hand was red and very swollen. She felt warm to the touch. When the base clinic opened, I called to get her an urgent care appointment. A long story short, one trip to the base clinic and several hours later, we still did not have an appointment and could not be seen. Tricare (the military's insurance company) has made me so mad, today. So, so angry. I just wanted Gabby to see a doctor, as her red, swollen, hot little hand grew bigger and bigger (despite the every four hours dose of benedryl and tylenol she's been given at home). Finally at 6pm, I decided to take her to the ER.
A little after 8pm, we left the ER. Having not been seen. After the hacking, gagging, vomiting and screaming (and I mean SCREAMING!) patients around us made me feel sick to my stomach, I decided that Gabby was not going to die or loose her hand tonight and that we can wait until morning when we can get into the clinic (or so we were told - we will see). I felt like sitting in that disgusting, crowded room we were going to catch something far worse than what we were dealing with. We are now home, showered, with all of our clothes being washed in HOT water. Gabby is sleeping with a baking soda past on her hand, covered in gauze. I am beyond frustrated with our insurance company. Poor Gabby is pretty grumpy and has a very sore hand but she's okay. As we sat in the over-crowded waiting room, the only sound at one point was my little girl singing, "ooh, eee, ooh, ahh, ahh, ting, tang, a walla-walla bing, bang" over and over again. It was so cute.
Hopefully we will get into the clinic in the morning and get her hand looked at. I just feel so bad for her. All day today, she tried to do everything only using her left hand. I will update when we find out. We took a picture of her hand this evening, but I actually don't want to even post it. It is just too gross looking. Her right hand is about twice the size of her left, and just oozing. But here's a sweet picture of her sleeping peacefully now.

October 12, 2009

Not Me Monday

A while back, Shaunna asked a good question, "Where is the Love?" In hopes to get more than one comment on a post, I'm doing a long-over-due Not Me Monday. Steve was looking at my blog the other day and said that I must have less people reading it than I used to since I didn't have many comments on any of my recent posts. Bummer.

Not Me Monday is a super-fun blog carnival that McMama hosts each week and I haven't participated in quite some time. So I have a LOT to not catch you up on. So here goes.

(And since I'm not on my computer and the internet here in TLF is SUPER slow, I have been unsuccessful in retrieving the cute little Not Me Monday button. Sorry. I know you're disappointed.)

I have not, in the recent past, repeatedly forgotten to stock my purse with tissues for my 2 snotty-nosed children. This has not resulted in them blowing their noses in Jack's burp rags or a panty liner from my purse. This would not require me to tell Steven, "Don't blow your nose on the sticky side, Bud."

Speaking of panty liners, a few days after Gabby potty trained, she did not have a messy accident while were out. I did not take her to the potty to clean her up and forget to take the diaper bag with me, leaving me with no clean panties. I did not wipe her panties out, and put a pantyliner from my purse into her little panties to give her a clean surface to sit on.

And when our friends Sarah and Savannah came over to hang out the other day, little 2-year-old Savannah did not find panty liners in the bathroom and think they were band-aids. Big band-aids (or Boodaids, as she calls them). I did not take one out, slap it on her leg and let her wear a big boodaid around my house. Her mom certainly did not take Gabby's stamps and stamps some cute little dinosaurs on said boodaid.

While at the mall the other day, Jack did not completely blow through all his clothes with a big, stinky mess. I had not forgotten to re-stock the diaper bag with a clean outfit the last time this happened, so I did not carry a half naked Jack, wrapped in a small blanket around the mall like some white trash mother that takes her baby out in nothing but a diaper when it's 50 degrees outside.

Upon leaving the mall, Steve and I did not put our 2 new T-shirts on Jack to bundle him up for going outside. I did not leave said shirts on him after we got home for a while out of laziness.

Last Thursday, I did not decide at about 3pm that the kids and I were coming back to Little Rock to stay with Steve until he gets home. I did not spend only 10 minutes "packing" and leave the house without thinking about what I may or may not need. I did not arrive here and have to go shopping after only bringing myself 2 shirts. (This also my explain why Jack is sleeping on a pink, flowery crib sheet in his playpen)

When Steve asked what toys I brought to keep the kids entertained while we're here, I did not come up with the Sonic kid's meal toy we got on the trip out. That is not the only toy the kids have had for a week and a half.

...Nope, Not Me!

Okay, that may or may not have been everything I did or did not do. Huh?

October 9, 2009

Pointless Pictures

At Build-A-Bear. Not understanding the concept....

Clapping with Joy at Daddy dressing "Puppy"

Gabby just woke from one of her famous car naps - not so sure what Steven's doing

He appears to made of bread dough. Rolls and rolls of bread dough.

The only time she's ever done this - cried before I even caught her - she knew it wasn't good

Do not have bouncy seat or swing. Must improvise.

3 kids on a couch bed

Daddy and Jack watching football. It's what they do.

Jack's trying out the big bath. I think he's a fan.

Steven and Uncle Joe on Pinnacle Mountain

Making faces in the chrome
The End.

October 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Gabby Anne!

Here is a pictures of our sweet Gabby-girl today. She is two years old today. I can't believe how fast the last year has gone. Here are some facts about our two year old:

-She is completely potty trained. She takes herself to the potty by herself. She doesn't need assistance (unless she needs wiping after #2, because she's not a very effective wiper). Most of the time I'm not even aware that she has gone potty unless she tells me. She wakes up dry from bed time and nap time every day. When we are out of the house, she always tells us that she has to go and then does a good job of holding it until we find a potty and get her to it. She is such a big girl!
- She asks a lot of questions. Some of her favorites: "What doing you, Mommy?" "Where goin' Daddy?"
- She gets upset with Steven a lot and has been known to yell, "DOP IT, STEN!" and "LEAVE ME 'LONE!"
- She can dress herself. If I let her pick out her own outfit, she always picks out her UT Jersey and a white and orange flowery skirt. It's quite an outfit.
- She loves to wash her own hair in the bath.
- She still sucks her thumb and has to have the tag of her "blanky" tucked in her little fist when going to sleep.
-She is NOT a fan of any life-sized mascots. Sparky the Fire Dog was at the BX on base the other day. We avoided him at all costs. Every time we've gone there again, she's scoping the parking lot with a worried look asking, "Bad dog? Bad dog?" Disney World would not be a fun place for Gabby any time soon.
- She loves to talk on the phone. Well, she loves to listen on the phone. She's so happy to be on the phone with someone but with a live phone to her ear, my little loud-mouth becomes suddenly very quiet.
She is such a bright part of our lives and I am so thankful for my beautiful, prissy-yet-tough, loud, silly, dramatic little Gabby-girl and part of me just wishes she'd stay 2 forever.