September 23, 2009

Update on our Lives

We have now been in our new home for 2 weeks. Here's an update on what we're all up to.

Steven Ray is adjusting to his 6th home quite well. He LOVES the backyard. He plays out there on his own a lot. When Gabby's out there with him, he plays pretty well - until they start fighting over something, which doesn't seem to take long these days. He enjoys climbing on the living room furniture. The TLF couch we've had for the last 6 months just wasn't good for jumping, flipping or flopping. His new favorite trick is standing on tip-toe to hit the garage door opener button when we're heading out. Steven still talks more than any person I've ever known. The boy talks all day. And if he doesn't have a real topic to discuss, then he has pretend conversations. He tells me about his kids and the naughty things they do. He tells me about the text message his friend sent him. He comments on everything that happens. I was watching the Food Network one afternoon and as he sat, watching with me he said, "Oh, look. She's using lime!" It cracked me up. Who would have thought a 4-year-old would be so impressed with someone using lime in a recipe.

Gabby Anne has reached an important milestone this week. 8 days ago, I woke her up, removed her very last diaper, put a pair of pretty pink panties on her and introduced her to the potty seat. That day, I sat her on the potty every hour. She never made it in the potty all day. I spent the day cleaning up after her. She did, however, wake up dry from nap time. The next morning, she woke up dry and made it on the potty first thing in the morning. It was an exciting moment. I jumped and clapped and cheered for her and she was SO proud of herself. And since that time, we've progressed wonderfully. Today was the first day that she did not have a single accident. Not one. She held it until we got to the potty all day long. It was an important day in the potty training process. I am excited to officially have only one child in diapers. I made the mistake of letting Steven stay in diapers at night until he was older, but I decided not to give Gabby that option. I think it really confused Steven - it was as if I were saying, "It's okay for you to pee in bed at night. I don't expect you got get up and go potty like a big boy." But for Gabby, I tried to show her that I EXPECTED her to make it on the potty. And so she does. I'm so proud of her.

Jack David is just as content and laid back as ever. Tonight, he was a little fussy in the evening, which is unlike him but it didn't last long. Getting to the new house and getting our household goods has meant many firsts for Jack. He finally got to enjoy his baby swing and OH. MY. WORD. Does that boy ever love his swing. It kind of hurt my feelings a little bit when, one night I took him out of the swing to snuggle him and he fussed and squirmed until I put him back in his swing. He just loves it. He's sleeping in his own room now, and is sleeping 8 or 9 hours through the night. Yesterday, I took him down to San Angelo to have his picture taken by Cozart Photography. Slade and Laura did such an amazing job taking his pictures. They are so creative and I just can't wait to see the pictures. I know they are going to be beautiful.

And I have been keeping pretty busy and getting to know my way around town a little bit at a time. I have joined a great MOPS group and have met some very sweet Mother's of Preschoolers. I'm so glad that I joined the group - it's nice to get out and meet other stay-home Moms and let Steven and Gabby have some social interaction, too. I can get to most of the places in town that I need to without the help of the GPS, now. Abilene isn't a very big city, so it's been pretty easy to figure out. Going down to San Angelo, yesterday for Jack's pictures was a very fun day for me. I got to meet up with my old roomie, Shaunna and her adorable daughter, Addi as well as Laura and her sweet son, Wyatt. It was such a fun, relaxing afternoon just chatting with old friends, catching up on each other's lives and watching our children play together. Addi is such a fun, energetic little cutie and Wyatt is exactly how I picture Jack in about a year - just sitting back, taking it all in - such a sweet little man. It seems like yesterday, the three of us had conversations revolving around boyfriends, part-time jobs and school work. Yesterday, our conversation was more about sippy cups, carseats and potty training. Check out Shaunna's Post for some pictures of our day.
Steve is still in Little Rock. Hopefully, he will be home soon. And that's all on him :)

And of course, it just wouldn't be a good update without some pictures of the kids!

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Shaunna said...

I love the last picture of your kiddos sitting around the table in nothing but their underwear/diapers...So cute!

And it's kinda funny how a few years can change conversation topics sooo drastically-ha!